I first met Emma a few years ago when she came with her best friend Sarah (pictured below as a bridesmaid)  for a “Lashes and Flashes” Makeover Photoshoot (hair, makeup and photoshoot experience). Emma’s bridesmaid, also Emma, was one of my very first brides so it was such a pleasure doing this wedding as I not only knew Emma, the bride, but I also knew her bridesmaid (and sister-in-law Emma) and Sarah her other bridesmaid who was a bride of mine a few months previously! (I hope you’re not lost, this is all a long winded way of saying we all had great craic as we all knew each other well!) 

Emma (Emma’s sister-in-law), Emma and Sarah

Two gorgeous “old married women”! And fab bridesmaids. 

Jennifer, Emma’s gorgeous mum

And lastly the photo of Emma and Sarah a couple of years ago when they had their “Lashes and Flashes” Makeover Photoshoot! (they haven’t changed a bit!)





I‘ve had the busiest year so far and blogging hasn’t been top of my to do list! I absolutely love doing makeup and chatting to people and other than washing my makeup brushes blogging is my least favourite thing to do! It seems to take me so long so I’m trying to get caught up with some of the beautiful girl’s makeup I had the pleasure of doing over the summer and share with you how they all looked.  I may not put a lot of text or writing with these blogs and the photographs do the talking anyway :)  

Stunning Jane and her bridal party – one of the hottest days of the year…


Jane’s mum who freshly baked the most amazing raspberry and white chocolate scones the morning of the wedding ;)