I first met Emma a few years ago when she came with her best friend Sarah (pictured below as a bridesmaid)  for a “Lashes and Flashes” Makeover Photoshoot (hair, makeup and photoshoot experience). Emma’s bridesmaid, also Emma, was one of my very first brides so it was such a pleasure doing this wedding as I not only knew Emma, the bride, but I also knew her bridesmaid (and sister-in-law Emma) and Sarah her other bridesmaid who was a bride of mine a few months previously! (I hope you’re not lost, this is all a long winded way of saying we all had great craic as we all knew each other well!) 

Emma (Emma’s sister-in-law), Emma and Sarah

Two gorgeous “old married women”! And fab bridesmaids. 

Jennifer, Emma’s gorgeous mum

And lastly the photo of Emma and Sarah a couple of years ago when they had their “Lashes and Flashes” Makeover Photoshoot! (they haven’t changed a bit!)

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