I have been very neglectful of my blog and am going to have to play catchup! The month of December is just so busy with makeups, girls going out, winter weddings etc and then every year between Christmas and the New Year I am inundated with bridal enquiries. So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing! I didn’t win the lotto and am not sailing the world on a yacht with a private jet unfortunately:) If any of you lovely customers of mine do win the lotto please let me know, I am willing and able to travel around the world with you as your private makeup artist, just saying :)

On Saturday I had the pleasure of doing my first wedding of 2014 for the gorgeous Gemma.  Gemma loves her eyes dark and so what a bride says goes! She really suits a dark eye and was a beautiful bride. Her bridesmaids were wearing dusky pink so I kept Gemma’s lips this tone and added a hint of pink to the outer/top socket of the eyes too. The eye makeup is clearer in the second photo. 

The three fab bridesmaids (complete with straws in their champagne so as not to smudge their lipstick!)

Gemma’s gorgeous mum Pauline who made me so welcome in her home and looked like one of Gemma’s sisters, not her mum!


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