Grace was recently in the studio for some portfolio photos. It is always a pleasure doing make-up for a face so beautiful and a girl who looks so fantastic in a photo. Grace, as well as being beautiful, highly intelligent (a First Class Honours Degree this year!) is also very thoughtful and brought us a huge box of my favourite ever chocolates – Lindt and a huge jar of coffee – the perfect gift for me!  (I’m very proud the chocolates are still at the top of my cupboard as I’m on a big diet and they are definitely not on my list of what I’m allowed to eat! :( )

Grace with her foundation, cream products and powder  on and some brow filling etc done


After with the eyes completed, contoured and lips finished …….

 I wanted to really wing the eyeliner out strongly so used MAC’s Blacktrack in black and then created a very strong defining line into the socket line with MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown using a MAC pencil brush (239). Grace’s eyes are so blue the black against the eye is further defined. I really defined the brows to bringing them out as far as the liner. I added false lashes to complete the strong look for the eyes.



Grace’s eyes have not been photoshopped and are this blue in reality! Lipstick is “Up the Amp” by MAC



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