Sophia – Model Portfolio Make-up | CATHERINE FLEMING MAKE-UP

Sophia, a professional model, was having some photos done to update her modelling portfolio and I did her make-up for the photos. What a really lovely job, making someone already so beautiful even more stunning!

I did a really strong eyeliner on Sophia’s eyes inspired by a recent photoshoot in Glamour magazine in which Una from The Saturdays had eye make-up something similar and I thought it would really suit Sophia’s eyes. I also did a strong eyebrow (which Sophia loved) to frame her beautiful face and added some Ardell lashes (still the best value from any Gordons Chemist) to finish the look ….

My battle at Weight Watchers continues and Sophia’s bum in these jeans is great inspiration lol!!! …

Sarah doing hair……I love working with Sarah because we’re both coffee junkies and understand the need to have lots while we’re doing a photoshoot. We both also LOVE chocolate but I’m not really “allowed” any at the minute due to my weight watchers thing.

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