Every bride is unique and beautiful and it is an honour to be asked by a bride to come into her home on the morning of probably, if not, the biggest day of her life. I love doing bridal makeup. I love arriving at the craic of dawn, sometimes in winter when it’s still pitch dark, and watching over a few hours ordinary girls with messy hair, no makeup in their dressing gowns or pyjamas turn into princesses :)  

Here’s a few of my recent spring brides I’ve had the pleasure to do makeup for …..


Andrea’s bridesmaids 


Andrea’s mummy


Carol’s mummy who  you may recognise as country music queen Philomena Begley

Carol’s bridesmaids


Sarah’s bridesmaids (I’m also doing Emma’s wedding this year, the blonde one!)

Sarah’s mummy

Marie-Anne (vintage themed)

Marie-Anne’s only sister and bridesmaid Maeve

Catherine (I did Catherine’s sister Paula’s makeup about 6 months ago for her wedding so it was lovely going back to the same family)

Catherine’s sister Paula and sister-in-law 

Catherine’s mum Winifred who I just love :)  


Ciara’s bridesmaids