Sometimes my job is made just that little bit easier by mother nature!

A few weeks ago or so I had the pleasure of doing Ruth’s bridal makeup along with her equally three beautiful sisters. All four of these girls, who I might add are just lovely, lovely people, had the most amazing blue eyes, blonde hair and fantastic skin all of which made my job of adding a bit of makeup very easy and very enjoyable. Their blue dresses couldn’t have been a better match to compliment the whole look. They also had a single blue hydrangea in their bouquets, just perfect.

A few minutes before the top photo was taken the girls were helping Ruth with her veil and I quickly took this photo while waiting to do final lipstick touches

The lesson in this photo is “just leave to the eldest sister, she’ll know what to do!”

Three stunning sisters 

What a beautiful wedding and one of my last of the summer season

August has been probably my busiest month to date for weddings. So many beautiful brides, lots of gorgeous bridesmaids, with the odd diva one thrown in and lots of fantastic mother of the brides who’ve made me so welcome in their homes. I know it sounds a cliche but even with the really early starts, standing for hours on end I absolutely LOVE doing bridal make-up. It’s an honour to help make a girl’s face radiant and glowing for the most important day of her life. For all of those photos that will be taken, all those kisses she’ll give and receive and all of the emotion during the day that will show on that face – just fantastic.

I’ve taken as many photos as I can with time allowing and my bridal photos here are in no particular order.


Three of Kirsty’s five bridesmaids (three of her sisters)



Catherine’s mum


Catherine’s two bridesmaids


Grace’s two bridemaids



Louise’s bridesmaids (her two sisters)

Mary (who got ready at The Bushmills Inn, one of my favourite places, it has great memories for me)

Mary’s mum Phyllis

Mary having the final touches made to her hair and veil while two of her gorgeous bridesmaids do the obligatory phone shots!


Michelle with her four bridesmaids


Mikila’s four bridesmaids


Patricia’s two bridesmaids (her two sisters)


Rosie’s mum Mary

Rosie’s three bridesmaids




Ailish, Susan’s mum



Nathalie (my youngest bride on Friday, just 20)


Claire’s bridesmaids

And finally, a small video of Claire’s wedding where I feature for a second doing make-up (just click on the link below). Enjoy!