This is by far my busiest  year for weddings with weddings now running right through until New Years Eve and I had a booking this week for 2016! I’m so lucky to be so busy and thank you to everyone who recommends me and comes back to me time and time again for makeup. I really do appreciate your support.

Danielle got married at the end of June and really was such a beautiful bride. Danielle loves her eyes being well defined and also loves her blusher and as she suits this look we did that for her bridal makeup. I loved doing her make-up with her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding.  As Danielle was so well organised I had time to take a few photos of Danielle and the bridesmaids in their dresses and with those stunning flowers.



Before the hair and make-up look, having breakfast part one! 


For all of the photos by the official photographer for the day and to see all of the amazing details Danielle had at her wedding (and the husband of course!) have a look at Erica Irvine’s page –  http://ericairvinephotography.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/danielle-cathal-june-2013/

On Thursday morning I did makeup for a very good customer of mine, the beautiful Stephanie. I don’t usually take photos of my customers as most people are camera shy and usually still not that dressed when they’re in with me but I talked Stephanie into a quick iPhone photo before she left to go to the wedding. I’m really glad she agreed to a photo, just stunning.


A photo of how the eye makeup looked looking down, a funky twist on a 60′s look. And a fushia pink lip to add colour as Stephanie was wearing a classic black dress to the wedding. I really love the fact Stephanie had freckles from her recent holiday and she didnt want them covered up. I think freckles are so youthful and keep makeup looking fresh. Gorgeous girl, I don’t think Stephanie actually knows how gorgeous she is which makes her even nicer!


Grace was recently in the studio for some portfolio photos. It is always a pleasure doing make-up for a face so beautiful and a girl who looks so fantastic in a photo. Grace, as well as being beautiful, highly intelligent (a First Class Honours Degree this year!) is also very thoughtful and brought us a huge box of my favourite ever chocolates – Lindt and a huge jar of coffee – the perfect gift for me!  (I’m very proud the chocolates are still at the top of my cupboard as I’m on a big diet and they are definitely not on my list of what I’m allowed to eat! :( )

Grace with her foundation, cream products and powder  on and some brow filling etc done


After with the eyes completed, contoured and lips finished …….

 I wanted to really wing the eyeliner out strongly so used MAC’s Blacktrack in black and then created a very strong defining line into the socket line with MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown using a MAC pencil brush (239). Grace’s eyes are so blue the black against the eye is further defined. I really defined the brows to bringing them out as far as the liner. I added false lashes to complete the strong look for the eyes.



Grace’s eyes have not been photoshopped and are this blue in reality! Lipstick is “Up the Amp” by MAC



When I book an appointment with someone, whether it be over the phone, by text message, email, facebook etc., I just never know who is going to walk into my studio to have their make-up done. And that’s part of the appeal of my job and why I never, ever get bored. Because every face is totally different and individual. Whether it’s a 14 year old face with not one line or wrinkle with maybe the odd spot, a small delicate face to a big happy face, a face with dry skin to oily skin, a face with big blue eyes, brown eyes, gorgeous green eyes, small eyes, round eyes, oval eyes, sensitive eyes, a face with full lips,  or thin lips, a face with amazing cheekbones or a brilliant jaw line, precision shaped brows….. the list just goes on and on and that’s what makes my job so interesting, every face is totally different and every lady I have in my make-up chair has a different place to go, a different dress to co-ordinate with and most certainly everyone of these ladies has a different personality and character.

So when I booked a make-up lesson for a Rosemary at 3pm on a Thursday I had no idea about the lady I was about to meet :)  

Meet Nanny B! (aka Rosemary). 


As I went to greet Rosemary she almost apologised and said I was probably expecting “some young thing” but that she was the one who was in for the make-up lesson. This 74 year old lady’s grandchildren bought her a gift voucher for a make-up lesson. This wasn’t an unthought out present as Rosemary advised me she’d worked on a make-up counter most of her working life and just loves make-up. It really was a pleasure doing Rosemary’s make-up and advising her on products and colours to enhance her good features, add glow and help disguise the things she isn’t quite happy with as she gets older. Rosemary was a joy to do a make-up lesson with and proves we’re never to old to learn and to see how a little bit of make-up can go a long way to making us look and feel younger, fresher and more confident.  I just had to take her photo before she left, eyes and skin sparkling, just gorgeous. She totally made my day! :)