On Friday morning I did the lovely Corina’s make-up for her wedding. This is one of the most relaxed and organised houses I have ever been in! Corina works in Human Resources for Gordons Chemists, not that it matters what anyone does when it comes to make-up, but I do spend a LOT of time purchasing lashes etc in Gordons Dungannon and thought I should just mention that :)

Corina has the gorgeous combination of blonde hair and blue eyes. Her bridesmaid colour was a dark grey, with a hint of a green tinge from it which was just beautiful with her flower combination of creams, dusky, antique pinks and muted purples. On Corina’s eyes I used “Naked Lunch” by MAC smoked up with “Scene “. On the lips I used “Vintage Pink” by Rimmel which is one of my favourite bridal lipsticks. 

This photo was taken on my iphone and as Corina was so organised was taken an hour or so before she was putting her dress on! Beautiful


Corina’s sister Grainne was her only bridesmaid. She has beautiful green eyes and likes good definition with her eye make-up so I did Grainne’s eyes a bit darker than Corina. I mixed a few colours of eyeshadow (MAC and Urban Decay) to get the colour to match in with Grainne’s dress. I also added MAC gel liner in Blacktrack close to the top lash line. Grainne is also wearing “Vintage Pink” by Rimmel on her lips and both girls are wearing “Vow” a cream eyeliner by Illamasqua in their waterline. 

I was in Boots and Superdrug the other day and bought a few things I thought I’d share and give my humble thoughts on.

From L-R Soap & Glory Hand Food, Soap & Glory “Clean On Me” Shower gel, Soap & Glory “The Daily Smooth” Body Butter, Maybelline Lipstick in the colour”Summer Pink “, MUA Trio of eyeshadows in the colours”Eden”, Bourjois Powder Blush in the colour “Rose D’Or”, Simple Eye Cream and Rimmel Apocalips in “Celestial” and also two bags (from Superdrug) for my lip and eye liners



I’ve wanted to try the Soap & Glory products for a while and as Boots had a 3 for 2 on them and the fact I also had a whopping £22 credit on my Boots card :) I thought I’d go for it. I had seen Essie Button (a YouTuber and Blogger) review the shower gel and she loves it so I got it and I have to say “wow!”, it really is so gorgeous. I love it. I also adore, adore, adore the hand lotion. It not only smells beautiful but it leaves my hands feeling really soft and silky. I have quite dry hands from using antibacterial gel all the time with wipes when I’m working and I have noticed such a difference with this hand lotion already. The Body Butter is really my least favourite of the three, its quite thick and I’m not as keen on the smell of it as the shower gel and hand cream but I’ll use it until it’s finished but probably wouldn’t buy it again whereas the other two I definitely would.

I bought two lipsticks and I love both of these equally and have been alternating with them this week. The Maybelline “Summer Pink” is one is one of the prettiest colours of pink lipsticks I have and is one of those ones thats not too light and not too in your face. It looks more sheer on the test on my arm but when it’s own it’s really bright and will be gorgeous in the spring/summer. The Rimmel Apocalips is a relatively new lip product launched by Rimmel and is like a gloss with a gloss applicator but is a really thick, really pigmented and REALLY long wearing. It lasts through drinking, eating (haven’t tried the kissing test!) and is brilliantly long wearing. The colour “Celestial” is a lovely muted dusky pink and really wearable. The Rimmel Apocalips comes in great colours from a big bold red to a more nude colour. A really great buy, definitely worth trying out.

I also bought a Bourjois powder blush in the colour Rose D’or which is a beautiful rose colour with a hint of gold highlight through it.It’s really flattering on the cheek (it looks very pink in my photo and is defintiely a warmer softer pink than what it’s photographed).

Rimmel Apocalips is on the left and the Maybelline on the right (the Maybelline one looks a lot more sheer on my skin than on the lips)

MUA is such a brilliantly cheap (affordable I suppose is a more nicer term!) brand and their eyeshadows are just fab. They produce great colours and the pigment of their eyeshadows is really good. The trio I bought is called “Eden” and the colours are so flattering, especially if you have brown eyes. I wore these green eyeshadows all day and they never budged. They also go on well and you don’t get much, if any, fall with them. At £2.50 for a trio you just can’t go wrong. I also recently bought one of their newest palettes (not photographed) “Undress Me Too” which is a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 2 and at £4 it really is brilliant.















The last thing I bought which is in the photo was just a Simple Eye cream (you buy things like that when you’re over 40!). I said to someone the other day it now takes me half an hour at night just taking my make-up off and all that that now entails, then adding all the serums, night creams, eye creams, neck creams and lip balms. I really am exhausted before I get in to bed!

Me wearing the Maybelline pink lipstick and the MUA green eyeshadows (not a great photo of the eyeshadows, sorry) as well as the Bourjois powder blush.


Last Wednesday evening I held another one of my Eyes & Brows Make-up Masterclasses. These really started as a result of a lot of girls when I’ve been doing their make-up saying they find eyes the most difficult to do. And I agree, they are and they can make a huge difference to our overall make-up look and our face. For any of you who would be interested in coming to one of these, this is what we do :)

The “class” consists of six ladies. I keep it to six so that everyone has a good view of what I’m doing as obviously the eyes aren’t that big and you want to see what I’m doing. It lasts for 2 hours and for about an hour and a half I concentrate on the eye make-up. I cover absolutely everything from eye primer, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, what brushes I use, what products I use and of course how to use them on the eye. Anything at all thats remotely associated with eye make-up really! I usually start off doing a natural eye make-up look an build it up to a more dramatic, evening look. For the final half hour I then concentrate on doing the brows. I cover the proper gymetrics of the brow to how I use eye make-up (powder, pencil, brow gel) to fill and shape the brows. I’ll answer any questions anybody has and usually everyone goes away having taken a list of products they want to buy. I think it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours and a lot of girls come with a friend or people they work with.

Melissa, my gorgeous model at “half time” otherwise known as “wine and nibbles” time, with one  eye done

Two of the lovely ladies here on Wednesday night, Louise and Wendy (who also happens to be my cousin :) )


Leeanne and Lorraine enjoying a break from my wittering on!

Louise (affectionately known as Miss Crayola!)  and Claire (two good friends who came together with Lorraine, above)

Claire, Leeanne, Louise and Lorraine

Melissa and I at the end of the night


If you think you’d enjoy coming to an Eye & Brow Make-up Masterclass get in touch or keep an eye out on my Facebook page for the next one.