For any amount you would like – a lovely gift for the lovely ladies we know, whether it’s a friend, sister, daughter, mummy, wife, girlfriend, granny, mistress :) ……..

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy” – Yves Saint-Laurent

Merry Christmas to you all!

I just saw the John Lewis advert on TV and love those snowmen and that song the more times I see it :) all warm, fuzzy and filled with emotion. Just what Christmas time should be.

Reality at this time of the year however, can be just a little bit different…working long hours, spending lots of money, family discussions about who’s house it is this year for Christmas,  traffic jams, supermarket stress and “I really do need to buy 3 for £10 party food” and a Christmas cake that’ll never be eaten, head wrecking on the present front “I don’t want anything” (quote my mum every year!), grumpy men being dragged round shops!  NOW – all the really nice things about Christmas……..mince pies with extra double cream and mulled wine, boxes of Quality Street, getting presents, Christmas songs on the radio, Christmas markets, magical Christmas Eve,  twinkly Christmas trees, Santa, sparkly dresses, soft sparkly jumpers and big sparkly heels, girls going to Christmas parties wanting super glammed up and finally for me lots and lots of wedding make-up!! 

My Christmas wedding season starts this week but here is Paula from Armagh, whose wedding I did a week ago or so. It was a gorgeous crisp winter’s day and she just looked beautiful. Paula’s eye make-up is well defined with natural top false lashes and black liner in the lower lash line. I also filled and shaped Paula’s brows well, adding a subtle highlighter beneath the brow bone.  For Paula’s lips we did a soft coral toned pink with lots of gloss. 


Paula’s bridesmaids, her sister and friend who came the whole way back from Australia just to be bridesmaid

Paula’s gorgeous mum, Winifred

So HAPPY CHRISTMAS season everyone!! Enjoy all the good of it and as Brucie would say “Keeeeeep Sparkling!” xo