On Friday morning I had an early (and cold!) 7am start at the stunning Castle Leslie, Monaghan to do Aoiffe’s bridal make-up for her. Also her three bridesmaids and her mum Helen. Julie-Anne of Event Planners NI had introduced me to Helen (Aoiffe’s mum) a few months ago and I had only spoken to Helen briefly on the phone at that stage until doing the wedding make-up on Friday. Aoiffe, originally from Longford, now lives in Florida and came home along with a whole lot of Americans just last week (I can just imagine how they loved Castle Leslie!) to get married “properly” in our beautiful country.

Aoiffe was a really laid back bride and it was a pleasure doing her make-up (apart from the unbelievably bad light in her suite, the Americans would just love the quaintness of it!). Aoiffe, like her bridesmaids and her mum all like their make-up so it was about getting the balance of a good amount of make-up but still maintaining a beautiful bridal look.

For Aoiffe’s eyes, I used “Naked Lunch” by MAC smoked in the socket and under the lower lash line with “Handwritten” also by MAC. I used “Nylon” to highlight and a black gel liner on the upper lash line before adding a set of strip lashes to finish the eyes. On Aoiffe’s lips I used “Vintage Pink” by Rimmel, a really gorgeous soft pink but one that adds definition too to the lips. On the cheeks I used my favourite powder blush “Orgasm” by NARS and highlighter on top. Just beautiful.



Aoiffe’s bridesmaids (the blonde one is her sister)……



Rachel came to assist me with the bridal party on the morning and is touching up lipsticks here just before the girls had to leave….


Julie-Anne the wedding planner on one of her many phone calls co-ordinating and making sure everything happening, arriving, on time etc etc.


And finally a stock photo of the stunning Castle Leslie….in the words of some Americans “just awesome”!



Last Christmas Amy’s boyfriend bought her a makeover photo shoot as part of her Christmas present – it included make-up, hair and a photo shoot with Nigel in the studio. 

I know Amy quite well, for a couple of reasons. The first is really not a very interesting reason, Amy works in the local filling station which I frequent far too much buying sandwiches for lunch, magazines, diesel etc. The second reason is a bit more exciting – Amy goes to a LOT of weddings and I have done her make-up for quite a few of these weddings.  (The last wedding she did have a bit of a drama with the dress which all turned out well in the end with Richard collecting the dress from the shop on the morning of the wedding!) When I’m already booked up and can’t do her make-up for these weddings she does go to someone else but we don’t talk about that lol!! 

Amy is very modest about her looks and was really quite nervous about coming for the photo shoot. But as the photos show, she was just incredible in front of the camera and Nigel and her produced a brilliant set of photos.

For Amy’s make-up I did a smokey eye with black gel liner on the top and a set of false lashes to finish. I deliberately didn’t add any colour to the eye make-up as there was quite a few outfit changes and didn’t want any colours clashing. In the lower waterline I used a cream coloured eyeliner from Illamasqua rather than black to keep the eyes more open. Amy doesn’t usually wear a coloured lipstick so I used “Creme Cup” by MAC which is a soft pink.




Amy’s “Before & After” proving that a combination of professional make-up, hair styling and professional photography can really give any woman a fantastic set of wow photos to keep! Such a brilliant Christmas present :)