Julie, an hour before she went to get married  spraying that classic french Christian Dior perfume.

By now most of  my regular make-up ladies know my passion for Paris and how I just can’t wait to go back and enjoy all the things from french skincare to french patisseries to Parisian architecture and all the other things that make it so hard to define why it’s such an amazing city and why anything French sends me weak at the knees. So when I started picking out the photos for this bridal make-up blog I realised just how many stylish and beautiful things come from the wonderful country that is France and it’s capital. I know any girl who reads this blog will just get it :)  

Julie, got married last Saturday on what was such a beautiful day (rare in this country this summer!). Julie’s dad David and my husband Nigel  (who took all of these brilliant wedding photos) know each other through photography and I have gotten to know Julie and her mum Barbara too. It was such a pleasure and honour doing their make-up on Saturday. I had previously done Julie’s make-up for her engagement photos and her hen party a month or so ago.  I never realised on her wedding day just how beautiful she would look and how the whole styling of her wedding would be so classy and gorgeous. Stunning!

Here I am with Julie applying the finishing touch, some Christian Dior Addict lipgloss, a luxury lipgloss every bride should have on her wedding day….


Julie’s eye make-up was really classic with a well defined socket line using soft golds and browns and black liner on the top lash line  and a set of flared lashes to finish the look. As the colours of the dresses were champagne neutrals I really only added a hint of colour on the lips to keep the look classic.

Julie with her two bridesmaids, Melissa and Joanne………….


Barbara, her fantastic mum, who was just amazing on the morning of the wedding. There is always the odd drama or two on the morning of a wedding and the mother of the bride always seems to be the one sorting it out quietly in the background (as mummy’s do!) and Barbara smiled and sorted and cooked and tidied as normal as well as seeing her only daughter leave her house as a single girl for the last time. Hats off to all our mums, they truly are special.

Barbara looked just beautiful in her pink lace. I did her  make-up to match with my favourite MAC eyeshadow “Naked Lunch” on the lid smoked with satin taupe in the socket and under the bottom lash line. Barbara and Julie already have really well shaped eyebrows so it was just a matter of slightly defining them.  


Julie, with her bridesmaid Joanne, helping her with the bow on the back of that amazing dress. You can see Julie’s eye make-up really well in this photo …

The french champagne, totally necessary on a wedding morning  …..


My first make-up that morning,  Wendy,  Barbara’s sister, having her make-up perfected before heading off to the church. Wendy, a good Moira woman like myself, was wearing a fabulous purple dress so I used a hint of purple in her eye make-up to tie her make-up look in with her dress and fascinator, gorgeous…..


Julie’s dad, David seeing Julie’s dress for the very first time, an emotional time for any proud dad…


Melissa, Wendy’s daughter and Julie’s cousin, the gorgeous 15 year old bridesmaid (she’s agreed I’m doing her bridal make-up in a few years time so watch this space, it could even have an American influence wink, wink nudge nudge, lol!)


David and Barbara, the proud parents with their daughter all ready to go to the church….


If you can’t wear those beautiful Parisian red soled shoes on your wedding day when can you?? Brilliant!

On Friday I had the pleasure of doing Orla’s make-up for her first wedding day….:) As a sales trainer, I had on a sales training course I spent a week on many years ago, used to say on many an occasion throughout the week “that’s a whole other day’s work” meaning that’s another really interesting story but I’m not going to tell you now! “Now” is all about Orla’s make-up and how I enhanced her already beautiful face :)

Orla, as you can see from the photo, has the most amazing features and so it was brilliant having the job of doing her bridal make-up. We accentuated her eyes by adding black waterproof liner on the top smudged out and slightly under the bottom lash line and added a set of Ardell Demi Wispie eyelashes to really frame her eyes. After a bit of emailing back and forward after her trial make-up we decided on a gold and smokey purple eyeshadow as her bridesmaid’s dress was a very soft purple.  Orla likes blusher and I used a mix of MAC “Dollymix” with a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones.

A better close-up of Orla’s make-up…..


Orla’s gorgeous mum, who was quite nervous about having her make-up done as she really doesn’t wear make-up at all, but she was very happy with this look and I think she looks glowing.


And now for the story telling bit…..

Orla is a very hardworking and successful business woman running her own vegetable business with her sister supplying prepared vegetables etc to the likes of the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. From the short time I spent with her I get the impression she is a bit of workaholic. Her fantastic finance (now husband) arranged quite a bit of the wedding and Orla really wanted a no fuss, let’s get married wedding. However, this girl ended up with a wedding on the Friday for close family and friends with one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen and another day on the Saturday in another stunning dress with lots of her friends, family etc there all for a reception and dinner and couldn’t have been happier! Hats off to Orla, any girl who manages to have two wedding dresses and two days celebrating is a true princess and I sincerely wish Orla every happiness for her future, such a beautiful girl in every sense of the word x

Yesterday, Nigel and I did a photo shoot really just because we are very lucky to have the luxury of having a fully equipped photography studio and I love doing make-up and he loves taking photos :) We organised Melissa as our model and Edel kindly came and did Melissa’s hair. 

I’m always saving photo ideas, whether it’s from magazines or from the web which I use as inspiration for a make-up look and this look was inspired from a photo sort of like the one on here with the sunglasses and the flowers. The rest of the looks evolved from there.

Susan Black, a good friend of mine, and fashion designer is selling these cute bow ties as part of her current collection(available from The Boudoir, Linen Green, Dungannon) and so the pink make-up look grew from that. On Melissa’s eyes I used a combination of purple and burnt orange (a mix of “Coppering”, “Red Brick” and “Fig. 1.1″ from MAC). I did an interesting gel liner look and contoured the cheeks with a combination of NARS “Laguna” and purple eyeshadow. For Melissa’s lips I mixed a Barry M pink lipstick with a deep red to make it more of an orange pink.


We used this old retro radio which a good friend of Nigel’s kindly gave him one night when he was clearing out some of his photography gear.  It turned out a great prop for creating this photo.


On Sunday afternoon I bought the sunglasses in the last photo for £2 from Internacionale and the flowers came from the pound shop at £1 each with the foliage being free from the side of a river bank!




Model – Melissa Lyttle, ACA Modelling

Hair – Edel McKearney

Photography – Nigel Fleming

Make-up – myself