I had the pleasure this morning of doing make-up for two gorgeous sisters, Sian and Rebecca and their mum Lila. The three of them were going to a wedding in Armagh and then on to the reception in Corick House. The three of them all look quite different except for those amazing blue eyes! 

The eldest sister and the mature one (she’ll hate me for saying that:) ) Sian’s dress was navy, so I used a soft pink (“Naked Lunch” by MAC) on the lid smoked with a navy eyeshadow into the socket and under the bottom lash line. We finished the lids with Demi Wispie lashes. On Sian’s lips I used “Please Me” by Revlon, a soft pink with my new favourite lipgloss from this month’s Glossy Box in “Irish Cream Pavlova” , beautiful . 


Becky’s (the middle child and the bohemian one, according to her mum!) dress was a multitude of colour however, she had a coral rose for her wrist and so we decided to do a liner flick and add a small coppery touch of shadow (“Coppering” by MAC) into the socket. I used a vanilla eyeliner in Becky’s bottom waterline and black eyeshadow under the bottom lash line. On Becky’s lips I used a combination of “Latino” by Rimmel and “Coral Queen”. Elegant and definitely not bohemian make-up!


Sian and Becky’s mum Lila was wearing a purple dress (well, she was still in the process of which dress to wear, and was even considering wearing one to the church and then change for the reception for comfort reasons, as us girls do…!) but the colour was still going to be same whichever one she wore i.e. deep purple :) Lila doesn’t wear a lot of make-up but those blue eyes were too good not to frame in some way so I added a mix of purple and black eyeshadow into the socket and under the bottom lash line and used lots of black mascara. Gorgeous.



Soulmates are picked by God,  and marriages are made in heaven.

Identities of both of them is lost, two souls are entwined into one

It is the sacred bond of souls, it’s when two dreams come true,

Both of them live their life,sharing the pain & laughter too

The marriage is a heavenly bliss,a blessing for the two, Godsend. Happy together and forever.

Those few lines were part of my own wedding ceremony when Nigel and I got married just over four years ago in Mauritius. I thought I’d add them here as, although the make-up varies for all of my brides, bridesmaids and mother of the brides, the meaning for the two people getting married is, I’m sure, the same. Behind the make-up, there is the emotion and love of two people and that’s all that really matters.

However :) :) :) , my little part i.e. the make-up which is THE most important thing to me for a bridal party and was even more significant when my good friend Louise and fellow make-up artist contacted me quite a few months ago to ask me if I’d do her make-up for her wedding day which was on Thursday. I couldn’t have been more chuffed to say the least!! Louise and I met when we were training together at Oonagh Boman School of Make-up doing our fashion and photographic make-up course. As Louise is from Armagh and I’m in Dungannon we used to meet and practise our make-up looks. We were, at times, really horrendous but we had a good laugh and always enjoyed ourselves. We would also text/phone each other in blind panic at not having our “homework” done or couldn’t master a look but we  both persevered and both of us now, I hope , can say we’re not too bad at applying make-up :)  


Louise’s gorgeous mum Maggie. I love this woman! She is one of those people who you just want to smile and laugh all the time whenever you’re around her. Full of life, energy, positivity and craic. We laughed so much on the morning of the wedding when she told me Farnham Estate (where the reception was) was a beautiful venue, old on the outside and chic on in the inside and I said “just like her and I”! As Louise is her only daughter, I think she’s really going to miss her when Louise moves to Aberdeen.


Louise’s four gorgeous bridesmaids, all fantastic girls who really looked after Louise. A huge thanks to Rachel Megaw who came with me on the morning and assisted in the bridesmaid’s make-up, was cleaning a bit at the kitchen at one stage and helping to pack me up, she really did a fantastic job.





Louise outside her house just  a minute before getting into the car with her dad and going to the church, just beautiful in every way. I’m really proud to have done my small bit on Louise’s big day and really wish her well in her new journey in married life and in Scotland, Bye for now and best wishes Mrs Gardiner xo



This is obviously one of the busiest time of the year for weddings, whether I’ve been doing a bridal party make-up or doing make-up for the hundreds of girls going to hen parties, weddings and evening do’s. I feel I know every wedding venue the length and breadth of Ireland intimately having not been in most of them but talking so much about them whilst doing make-up!

So I thought I’d put together a selection of a few beautiful brides and their bridesmaids who I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten a photo of on the morning of one of the most important days of their lives. It is the day a girl wants everything to be perfect, from the hours and miles spent looking for that perfect dreamt of dress, picking the colours for the bridesmaids, the venue, getting the right photographer to capture those special moments, the flowers, the cars, the rings…the list is endless.

It is therefore a huge privilege when a bride contacts me to ask if I’m available to do her wedding make-up for such an important day. Every bride is different in every single way, from their colouring to their face shape, to their love of good strong eye make-up to not liking lipstick or wanting passionate red lipstick…but one thing is absolutely the same for every single bride that I meet and that is that they want to look flawlessly beautiful on their wedding day.

I usually meet a bride for the first time at her trial and we have a really good chat about the wedding style/theme, bridesmaid colours, flower colours, make-up likes, dislikes and must haves, false lashes or not or sometimes maybe, mother’s of the bride not liking make-up….. :) The trial really is a two way process until we get the perfect bridal look which I can replicate on the day exactly. 

On the wedding day I normally arrive at the bride’s house at the screck of dawn, the girls are usually not long up, in their posh wedding day jammies with scrubbed faces waiting to have their hair and make-up done, have something to eat and…..WOW!…… after a few hours bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers of brides morph into princesses. It really is such a privilege to be part of this gorgeous transformation.

As I’m usually there touching up lipsticks at the very last minute, I always, where possible try to get a photo. Here are a few photos from a few recent weddings.

Zara, one of her bridesmaids and her mum ….





Ciara and two of her bridesmaids….


Emma and her five bridesmaids!……….




Geri and two of her bridesmaids……

All different, but all so beautiful :)  

This is a blog about a few make-ups I did way back right at the start of July for some clever girls and their mummys.

In keeping with the theme of this blog I accept I am a complete dunce and will nominate myself to go straight to the bottom of the class for not keeping up to date with my own “course work” (i.e. my blogging). In my defence I have had thee most hectic of all months FOREVER! (some dramatics always helps a case of defence) doing beautiful brides and their bridal parties, bridal trials, ladies going to weddings, going to evening do’s of weddings, Lashes and Flashes makeovers and so busy applying all the sunscreen needed to cope with our Indian summer (obviously this bit’s a lie :) ). This week I plan to do a bit of blogging to bring everything back up to date (teacher’s pet again).

I really must say I so enjoyed doing these make-ups as it was really interesting chatting and finding out what they had graduated in, where they were going for lunch/dinner (v.important, anything to me that involves food is important), about potentially falling in their shoes walking across the stage and also how excited for  the night out in Belfast they were  after ditching the family and partying with their friends. (I did have feedback from one girl that she got up the next morning and really could’ve gone out again with the same make-up still on :) )

I’ve noticed all of these make-up ladies liked their black eyeliner. My favourite liner for  the bottom waterline is Avon Supershock gel pencil liner. It has amazing staying power and is so black on the eye too, such a great product. For the top lash line i usually use MAC Black Track gel liner although Bobbi Brown is fantastic too, both are brilliant.

Cathy and her mum….



And Cathy on the day at her graduation :)





Grace at her graduation that day…..