This week was a mixture of special occasion make-up, bridal trials (lots of weddings coming up in the next few months), a couple of eye make-ups only and a “Lashes and Flashes” makeover (photos of this to follow separately).

Lipstick and rollers :) …….

Joey was going to a wedding and was in really early for her make-up. We joked that she has to come early to land the helicopter in the carpark…..wishful thinking on both our behalf’s! We kept Joey’s eyes quite neutral in soft golds and creams to match in with her dress but still defined them as she has amazing eyes, soooo blue :) and added colour with her lipstick, “Vegas Volt” by MAC, a great coral colour for this time of the year. I used a bit of MAC Face and Body on Joey’s neck and face which is good for evening out the skin. I would love to see Joey “finished” some day i.e. hair done, make-up done, dress and all on! I mostly just have to imagine all my make-up ladies in their fullest finery! It’s like doing wedding make-up, I always feel a bit flat after I leave the bride’s house, you see everyone transform from dressing gowns, no hair done, no make-up done, sitting having their fry at the table all normal stuff and then suddenly, bam and there’s a house full of pure glamour, perfume, beautiful flowers, anticipation and excitement for the the big day ahead and I have to go home…so it’s great to even see some photos of the main event if you know what I mean.

Fair skin is so beautiful.……

Sara Jane was also going to a wedding. She never really wears make-up but as she was going to a wedding obviously wanted to look a bit more glamorous than everyday. Her dress was purple so I did a soft pink and purple smoke on her eye with “Pink Swoon” powder blush by MAC and “Please Me” lipstick also by MAC with gloss. I love doing porcelain skin like Sara Jane’s, just gorgeous.

Yummy Mummy …(is that still the cool terminology?!)

Clare has two children, I know not one, but two children! How young and amazing does she look..well she was going out for a meal with her husband and to an engagement party and decided to treat herself to hair and make-up. She wanted dark smokey eyes with a bit of glitter, and the brief was as dark as possible! So I did a chocolate brown/black smoke with lots of black gel eyeliner and then added a touch of Gemma Kidd glitter at the very end after the lashes.

Key to the Door, Legal age in America to buy alcohol……Happy 21st Birthday Niamh!

(I’m not 100% sure about the alcohol age limit in America to be honest, just know i’m well over the age of every limit!). It was Niamh’s 21st birthday at the weekend and on Saturday she was having a country and western themed party at home for family and friends. Having gotten to know Niamh, her sisters and her mum over the last year and a half or so and having been to their house a couple of times, I’d say it was going to be one good party! Niamh’s “cowgirl” outfit included a pink checked shirt so we decided to do her eyes a strong pink smokey look and added lashes to finish Niamh’s eyes. The lipstick is “Lustering” by MAC which is by far my favourite colour at the minute glossed up with Bourjois 3D pink lipgloss….yeh ha, ready to turn the key in the door, go to America and get drunk and like me the age we are the most after you have too many birthdays :)

Make-up makes our faces smile and faces smile back at us!


On Tuesday Nigel was doing a photo shoot for Cathy, one of this year’s Miss N.Ireland finalists. The day was split into two with half in the studio and half on location. David Graham Hairdressing, Linen Green did Cathy’s fab hair.

This was Cathy as she arrived early morning at the studio, the dreaded fresh faced, no make-up photo …. 


….and after!


It’s always tricky trying to do one make-up that will suit a studio photo shoot and location and especially when there are a wide range of clothes and therefore lots of different colours to tone in with. So I try to keep the eye make-up as neutral as possible in colour and then change lip colour.

 To start in the studio for this more natural style make-up I used Clinique Superbalanced foundation in the colour “Alabaster”. I used By Terry Rose de Rose liquid blush in the colour “Corail Rose” on the cheeks and Clinique Airbrush Concealer in “Fair” under the eyes although Cathy really needed very little concealing. On Cathy’s eyes I started with Mac Paint Pot in “Painterly” as a base and primer. I set all of these liquid and cream products with a dusting of Clinique Blended Face Powder but was careful not to cover the tops of the cheeks too much so as not to take away the beautiful glow from the liquid blush. For the eye make-up I used MAC “Naked Lunch” (one of my new favourite colours!) all over the lid and smoked “Espresso” (a matte brown) into the socket line and under the bottom lash line. I added a hint of  MAC “Nylon” on the tear duct and under the brow bone. I filled and shaped Cathy’s eyebrows with MAC “Omega” eyeshadow as well as using a brown eyebrow pencil by GOSH (I love GOSH eyebrow pencils as they are great colours, great texture and also have a spool on the end and they’re not expensive!). In Cathy’s waterline I used a Rimmel white liner to open the eyes and keep the look soft. On the top lash line I used MAC gel eyeliner in “Blacktrack” very close to the lashes and finished the eyes with Avon Supershock Mascara in black.

On Cathy’s cheeks I used a powder blush in “Rose Gold” by Sleek Makeup and contoured quite heavily with NARS “Laguna” bronzer. On the tops of the cheeks and cupid’s  bow I added Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick to add a kick of highlight. I finished the whole look with a gorgeous raspberry lipstick in the colour “Lustering” by MAC, I just adore this colour at the minute :) I added a Bourjois 3D pink lipgloss on top just in the middle of the lips to add volume. 

This photo was never meant to be a Marilyn Monroe lookalike photo but by tilting back the head it gives such a great view of the eye make-up so I always nag Nigel to do this shot! It’s not always attractive looking up someone’s nose but Cathy carried it off perfectly.

For going on location I changed Cathy’s make-up for a stronger look (especially the eyes) just for something different. I smoked up her eyes with a mix of MAC “Carbon” (matte black) and “Contrast” (dark navy) to take away the brown tone both into the socket and under the bottom lash line  and added a black gel eyeliner to the waterline (Avon Supershock gel liner in black). It’s really good on location photo shoots (or indeed at anytime!) as it is waterproof and is good at staying put if there’s wind, strong sunlight etc. I added a flush of pink to Cathy’s cheeks with MAC’s “Pink Swoon” powder blush and changed Cathy’s lips to a more pink tone by using Rimmel’s “Amethyst Shimmer”.


A black and white in the studio with the “new” make-up before we left


And on location….


A close up of the eye makeup….



All photography by Nigel Fleming Photography, Linen Green, Dungannon

On Saturday I did Debbie’s make-up for her wedding. There was also her mum’s make-up to do and three bridesmaids, however the wedding wasn’t until 2pm so it was a real luxury to have that extra hour or two! I still get a bit nervous doing bridal make-up, as obviously it’s one of the biggest days in a girls life and although, I know it’ll all end up ok, there’s always a timescale to work to and making sure that every girl in the bridal party is looking flawlessly beautiful as well as picture perfect. And of course the make-up has to last and be tear proof! 

Simon Morrison, from Encanto Hair in Portadown was doing hair for the day. I met Simon a year ago at the lovely Tina’s wedding and we just clicked so it was really great working alongside Simon again. The hair on the day was just beautiful.

Debbie, the gorgeous bride……. 



Debbie doesn’t really wear a lot of make-up so it would have been wrong to give her a really heavy made-up look when that’s not natural for Debbie. On Debbie’s eyes I used “Pink Venus” by MAC smoked with a dark purple mixed with dark grey and a touch of this under the bottom lash line. I also smudged a black gel eyeliner pencil along the top lash line for definition before adding some individual lashes. Debbie’s waterline I used a cream Laura Mercier pencil. For Debbie’s lips I used “Vintage Pink” by Rimmel. Such a serene, fresh looking bride.

 Simon doing two of the bridesmaids hair…

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing make-up for the gorgeous Becka (current Miss Lisburn and one of the 26 finalists in this year’s Miss N.Ireland). After Nigel had put some of the photos on Facebook, I had a quite a few requests for the make-up so as far as I can remember here goes!…..

We started with a bridal look as we are in the middle of a big renovation project in our Linen Green studio to provide even more space for make-up and add more luxury and we want a great bridal make-up shot for poster size print and framing. Becka kindly agreed to be a “bride” for the first set of photos. Such a gorgeous bride she made too! Can not wait to see Becka “hanging” on the wall.

Therefore the make-up needed to be good! For Becka’s foundation I used Clinique Superbalanced foundation (Ivory and Alabaster mixed to get the right colour), Max Factor cream blush in Soft Pink on the cheeks and Mac Paint Pot in Painterly on the lids as a base/primer. I then dusted a very small amount of Clinique loose powder to set the foundation and reduce any hot spots in the photos. On Becka’s eyes I used “Naked Lunch” and “Pink Venus” by MAC (pinks) on the lid and Mac Fig.1.1 (purple) in the socket and under the bottom lash line. I used a black gel pencil eyeliner by Avon (put on with a brush) on the top lash line and finished with a set of Eylure false eyelashes (101s). I filled the brows using “Omega” by MAC and a grey/brown GOSH eyebrow pencil. On the cheeks I dusted powder blush in (MAC “Pink Swoon”), NARS “Laguna to contour and Bobbi Brown “Brick” highlighter on the tops of the cheeks and cupids bow. On Becka’s lips I used MAC “Lustering” pink lipstick toned down slightly with a light pink Bourjois gloss.


After the bridal shots, I changed Becka’s make-up by darkening and adding a bit more drama to her eye makeup by adding “Carbon” by MAC (black) into the socket and under the bottom lash line and adding black gel liner pencil into the bottom waterline. I also changed Becka’s lips to a nude colour, “Shy Girl” by MAC to give a more fashion look rather than “pretty” and added loads of gloss. Becka has fantastic lips and in the next couple of photos she has a real Bridget Bardot look about her (as also pointed out by my good friend and make-up/lash lover Davina :) )





I’m really looking forward to doing Becka’s make-up again and her mum’s (from whom she gets her fantastic good looks!) Watch out for the mother and daughter photos coming soon! In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of some make-up and if you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch or if you would like to have your make-up done for your own special occasion :)

Photography by Nigel Fleming
Hair by David Graham Hairdressing

This time of the year is peak bridal season which means lots of gorgeous brides and bridal trials as well as guests having their make-up done for going to weddings. In essence, lots of beautiful, pretty, flawless and long lasting waterproof make-up!

This Saturday I did Eimear’s bridal party make-up (see my separate blog below for all of the detail).

In the afternoon I had a few ladies who were going out on Saturday night and a bridal trial (which I never take photos of for obvious reasons).

The first lovely lady here is Catherine. I’ve done Catherine’s make-up before and she has fab skin for make-up. We really were both most excited about her raspberry lipstick which is a mix of a red and a pink lipstick to get the perfect raspberry colour we were after with gloss to add extra glamour, beautiful.



The next make-up is Lora who very reluctantly had her photo taken afterwards! (thanks to everyone who does agree to a photo as I know you only came in to have make-up applied, not be be photographed :) so a big thank you). People in general, especially us in this country, are quite nosey and like to see photos of people and see what they look like and what products I used to achieve the look. She looks fantastic, I don’t know why she doesn’t like having her photo taken!


The gorgeous Kirsty. Kirsty loves her make-up and  it was great to see how well she really suits make-up. She went for a gold smokey eye to match what she was going to wear on Saturday night.  


Stacey was going to a hen party in Liverpool so had her make-up done before she left to get her flight. She wanted her eyes dark and her make-up to last so lots of long wearing products (Clinique Superbalanced foundation is brilliant for this) and I used as many waterproof products on her eyes for longevity also.