This morning I was in Moy at Patricia’s house for her bridal make-up. One of the most relaxed bridal houses ever! Here’s a very quick photo before she left for the chapel at 12pm. So relaxed and so beautiful :) I will blog the rest of the photos of the three bridesmaids and makeup details when they are edited


The last few days really have been all about sunny slap :) I’ve been lucky enough to be outside doing great make-up jobs on the most gorgeous girls in some of the best locations.

On Sunday I was doing make-up for The Boudoir (Linen Green, Dungannon) for In Magazine with the first location at Down Royal Racecourse in the afternoon and then on to Strangford Lough near Killinchy which on Sunday evening was just breathtaking. There were three models dressed head to toe by The Boudoir, so as you can imagine glamour and elegance in complete abundance. I can’t unfortunately put any photos up until the magazine has been published and I can’t wait to see them in print. It’s so exciting seeing “Make-up by…….” although I know nobody ever takes any heed or cares who did the make-up but it’s my little bit of pride in my work to see it there in black and white.

Today, I was in one of my favourite locations in the world – The Argory, where I go for an hour every day of the year with my two best doggie buddies. I did make-up for Ria, our model. Nigel wanted to test some lighting (just an excuse really to get out into the sunshine for a few hours I reckon!) and it really was such an enjoyable afternoon. Note to The Argory though, a dinky ice-cream van would be very much appreciated :) Here are a few of the photos from today…..


As Ria has really blue eyes, I used a deep coral eyeshadow to really contrast and bring them out (MAC “Red Brick” smoked with “Espresso”) into the socket and under the bottom lash line. On Ria’s lips I used Viva Glam V lipstick with gloss and on the cheeks Sleek blusher in “Rose Gold”











This blusher is a great dupe for one of my favourite powder blushers NARS “Orgasm” which is a coral pink with a hint of gold through it. And Sleek is available in Superdrug at around £5 so it’s a great alternative to the NARS one :)










Model – Ria
Photography all by Nigel Fleming (www.nigelflemingphotography.co.uk)

This week my blog is more of a “Friday Slap Shots” than “Saturday” as I thought the Linen Green was closed on the Saturday (St Patricks Day) so told this to everyone who phoned. So apologises to anyone who was looking for an appointment on Saturday, I was giving myself the day off but then had to work :(  

The first photo is of Eimear who was going to a wedding in Donegal on Friday. I have done Eimear’s make-up before as she was a model in The Boudoir fashion show. Eimear likes her eyes dark and she really suits it too. Her dress was a baby pink colour so I added I used “Gleam” by Mac on the lid and then smoked this with “Carbon” and “Handwritten” with Bobbi Brown black gel liner and finished with false lashes. On Eimear’s lips I used “Up the Amp” by Mac mixed with “Politely Pink” to make it a bit more pink than purple to match Eimear’s dress. Below is the studio photo Nigel took of Eimear on the way out and then the whole look with hair, dress etc at the wedding…..

Joey was also going to a wedding on Friday, this time in Armagh. On Joey’s eyes, which are such a clear gorgeous blue, I used a soft pink from the Urban Decay Naked Palette  and smoked this with “Handwritten” by Mac (dark matte brown). On Joey’s cheeks I contoured with “Hoola” by Benefit and used “Orgasm” blush by NARS with Bobbi Brown Brick highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. For Joey’s lips I used one of my favourite lipsticks – “Latino” by Rimmel”.


 Eimear has been on my blog a few times as I do her make-up if she has anything special to go to and I also did  her bridal make-up at the start of December last year. Eimear was also going to a wedding in Armagh on Friday. I used “Woodwinked” by Mac on Eimear’s eyelid smoked with “Carbon” by Mac and “Nylon” under the brow bone and in the tear duct. I finished with Eylure 107s false lashes (Gordon’s Chemists are still the cheapest place to buy false eyelashes!) On Eimear’s lips I used “Ruby Woo” and mixed in a bit of “Lady Danger” in the centre of the lips to warm it up a bit – both by Mac.


 Lisa had a Lashes and Flashes makeover photo experience this week and it was really great doing her make-up as she loves make-up and was open to doing something she wouldn’t normally wear herself. After discussing colours, we decided to go for a really rich rusty red colour for Lisa’s eyes – “Heat” by Urban Decay. It worked brilliantly with Lisa’s really dark brown eyes, and really brought out her eyes. I lined Lisa’s eyes with black gel liner not top and in the lower waterline (Avon’s Supershock black gel liner). I kept Lisa’s lips a nude colour so as not to clash with her eyes.


Sinead had a real day of pampering on Wednesday. She had her hair done in Toni & Guy on the Lisburn Road before coming to me for make-up. Then after her professional beauty headshot she had to head back to Belfast for an Accountancy graduation reception. Apologies I can’t remember what products I used on Sinead as it is now a week but she really looks flawless in this photo and loved her wee pampering afternoon. Not a bad way to spend a day! 



I also had another couple of special occasion make-ups this week which I don’t have photos of unfortunately (Bridget and Bridgeen)  and their make-ups were just as beautiful. I try to get as many photographs as possible but sometimes with timings it’s not always possible and sometimes people just don’t want their photograph taken which I totally understand :)


In the autumn last year I ran a competition to find a winner for the renaming of my weekly blog which I had initially entitled “Saturday Slap”. My friend Gail had pointed out one day that she didn’t think it was a very classy name for my blog and that I should seriously think of a new name. Well I did think and couldn’t come up with a better name so I decided to run a competition and after some delay and a lot of contemplation over the entries there was one which I just loved. I secretly liked my “Saturday Slap” name and the addition of “Shots” is absolutely perfect as my weekly blog is photographs of my Saturday make-ups – “Saturday Slap Shots”, brilliant!

And the winning entry came from none other than the gorgeous Victoria Dailly :)  

Victoria’s prize was a professional make-up application and a “shot” in the studio under fashion and beauty lighting.  Victoria now lives in Dundee but was over this weekend in Dungannon and came in yesterday for her make-up application and photograph. So here is Victoria’s “shot”, she looks absolutely beautiful….


Victoria and I afterwards in my make-up room.


We have, since Victoria’s competition winning entry, become good “Facebook friends”. We both have a love of watching make-up tutorials, anything expensive and classy with a label (the inner snob in me), anything made by Apple, the Indian Ocean ;) and most of all I really enjoy Victoria’s quick wit so it was really great to meet her properly and do her make-up. A big thank you Victoria for the chocolate buns today, anything with chocolate is always greatly appreciated! :)


This week’s “Saturday Slaps” are a real mixture of occasion make-up, different reasons for having make-up applied and different make-up looks from beautiful, elegant bridal make-up trials to more frivolous, fun, going out for the night make-up. But at the end to the day, we all look a lot better with a bit of make-up :)

The first is Caroline who was going to a wedding, the ceremony being in Monaghan and then on to the beautiful Larchfield Estate near Lisburn for the reception. Caroline’s eye make-up was a gorgeous purple colour ( I mixed “Ransom” and “Fishnet” by Urban Decay) to match the purple colour of her dress. She brought a piece of the material which is always really good as adding just the tiniest bit of the outfit colour can really bring out the eyes. You can’t see the purple in this photo unfortunately, must speak to the photographer…. I used Ardell Demi Wispies false lashes to finish off Caroline’s eyes. If you’re unsure about false lashes always ask and I can just set them on to see what you think with no commitment.

Caroline at the reception

The next three girls who I did make-up for could be summed up with this…….  

….. these three sisters have courage as well as all having a great sense of humour, two of the most admirable qualities a person can have :) . They are three sisters, Andrea, Diane and Gillian and they  were going to The Northern Ireland Stroke Awards March 2012 in the Culloden Hotel as Dianne was receiving an award.  Three sisters, three very different looks but one afternoon full of laughs.



Dianne – A huge congratulations to Dianne on receiving the Award.



  At the Awards ceremony in The Culloden – beautiful :)


“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won’t fall
I am titanium”
No, I haven’t lost the plot….I LOVE this song and the next make-up brief reminded me of this song at the time :) Catherine’s make-up brief was that she had two shows to do that day, back to back, and then had an after show party that night as it was the last night of a three week performance so her make-up had to last! So, although, Catherine likes a dewy look make-up, she totally understood that we had to add and buff a lot of powder to make her make-up last. Hopefully it did and she still looked as stunning that night. Also, forget the make-up for a second, I want her teeth!


The next  make-up I really loved doing. Nigel and I go to Viscount’s Restaurant maybe once a week for tea and the odd Sunday for Sunday lunch and Lynn always stood out as the nicest, most genuine woman, always  friendly and always stops for a chat even if she isn’t on our table. So, as we always get the best service from Lynn, in Viscounts, it was only right that we returned the favour and made her feel extra special. Lynn was recently 50 and used some of her birthday money to treat herself to a Lashes and Flashes makeover experience. After having her hair styled with David Graham Hairdressing I did her make-up and then she had her photograph taken in the studio with Nigel. Then she had booked to go out for dinner with her husband, what a great day :) She seemed to really enjoy the whole experience and her photos are fabulous.

The next Lashes and Flashes makeover experience is such a good story. I’ve done Dolores’ make-up a few times on a Saturday afternoon after she finishes work (she is a hairdresser) and  love doing her make-up as she loves make-up and is always open to new ideas. Dolores started out a real nude lips girl and after bravely letting me put a deep purple on her lips one Saturday, has never looked back! She was also a real lover of fake tan and has also gone a lot paler with her skin colour which she really suits. One of the times Dolores was in Nigel wanted to take a photo for my Saturday blog and Dolores nearly had to be dragged kicking and screaming for a photo, she really does hate having her photo taken. So I was super shocked when her boyfriend Michael phoned me to arrange a Lashes and Flashes makeover photo experience. I actually tried to talk him out of it but he insisted and I booked her in. Michael told her only the night before and I think after she’d got over the initial shock and messaged me in a panic, reluctantly agreed to come. However, after ten minutes in David’s hands I think she came round a bit :) She loved her hair and in the end I think she really did enjoy it. Dolores’s afternoon consisted of Michael booking her the day off work, her hair styled by David Graham, make-up by me with a glass of champagne, photo in the studio with Nigel, a retail therapy trip to The Boudoir and then dinner that night in Donaghmore. What a lucky girl and a really lovely girl who I’m very fond of. Fantastic photo.