This week, and last, I had a lot of bridal trials for quite a few of my spring weddings coming up at the end of March. I’m really looking forward to the wedding season this year as my brides are all gorgeous girls. Obviously it wouldn’t be fair to photograph and blog a bride to be’s wedding make-up!! What happens and goes on in my wee make-up room sometimes has to stay in there!

But I did have the pleasure of doing make-up for quite a few other lovely girls going to various events such as weddings, night’s out etc.

The first is the lovely Amy. Amy and I know each other from rather less glamorous circumstances, i.e. the BP filling station :( where, if you follow my blog, know that I spend far too much time, either buying lunch (including two cream eggs for 85p!), buying ridiculous amount of magazines, getting diesel and sometimes nearly doing a whole week’s shopping! Amy was going to a wedding on Saturday in Belfast so booked in for her make-up after having her hair done. As her dress was navy I did a gold eyeshadow (MAC Woodwinked) with navy in the socket and under the bottom lash line. A hint of colour on the eye the same colour as a dress can really bring the whole look together. Beautiful..


The next gorgeous girl on Saturday was Eimear, who’s wedding I am doing later this year :) but on Saturday she was going as a guest to a wedding. Eimear was wearing a black dress and leopard print jacket so I kept Eimear’s eyes gold and smoked them in the socket line and underneath with a dark brown (MAC Handwritten) and a hint of black. We added some Bobbi Brown black gel liner on top too and did Eimear’s lips in quite a strong pink/red, a mixture of two of the Rimmel Kate Moss collection lipstick 01 and 02 I think. Eimear will be such a glowing, beautiful bride, really looking forward to her day.


Teresa, who is my Linen Green neighbour (The Boudoir), came in on Saturday to have her make-up done as she was going out for dinner on Saturday night. Teresa and I know each other really well and Teresa knows so well now how I do her make-up she could do it every bit as well herself! But it is nice sometimes to relax for half an hour and be pampered a wee bit. I did Teresa’s eyes with a lovely soft green colour (MAC Sumptious Olive) and smoked into the socket and under the bottom lash line with MAC Handwritten and added some brown eyeliner in the lower lash line also (MAC Teddy). Teresa, likes her blusher and we used NARS Orgasm which is just such a great colour and has a lovely glow.


Emma was actually with me the Saturday before and is another one of my gorgeous 2012 brides (told you they were all gorgeous this year!) Emma was going out too and so used it as a great opportunity to have her make-up done. She has beautiful hazel/brown eyes and really suited them being dark. We also did a good strong eyeliner on the top lids although its not really visible in the photo but she looked so classy and suited it so well. She also has great cheekbones which I contoured with “Hoola” by Benefit.  Nigel said Emma looks like Stacey Solomon…..you decide…I’m not sure.


This photo is of Susan, who’s become a friend of mine, after Nigel did photos of her Spring/Summer  2012 fashion collection and I will be travelling around the world with her as her make-up artist when she becomes as big as Karl Lagerfield, Vivienne Westwood etc… (you know my dream by now!). Well, she’s half there already as she had this photo taken about two days before she flew off to Australia via Hong Kong. Nigel was doing a profile photo for her website so I did her make-up first. Susan is so natural and suits minimal make-up as her skin just glows and it is a shame to ruin that. Beautiful, quirky Susan.



The last photo I’ve added was a make-up lesson and Amie came in as a “model” for a friend of mine who I was giving a “make-up lesson” to (long story, but again, the finer details should stay in my make-up room!). Anyway, the end result was really good (my friend and I did sort of half and half of Amie’s face), spot the difference who did which half if you can, I can’t tell!! We didn’t want to send Amie home wonky so she ended up looked great as a result of a good joint effort


In my last blog post I had a couple of photos from the making of our “Lashes and Flashes” makeover photo shoot video. Well, after a day’s shooting and two days editing here is the finished video.

The video shows a Lashes and Flashes makeover from start to finish

TO WIN your own Lashes and Flashes Makeover Photo Shoot Experience, watch the video, and send your answers to these 3 questions in email to info@nigelflemingphotography.co.uk
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Good Luck!

I just managed to get a couple of photographs this week of my make-ups unfortunately and there were quite a few other “saturday slap” beauties that dodged the camera or were running late.

You’ve probably seen Donna before on my blog as Donna owns The Boudoir just across the cobbled streets from us and so I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to do Donna’s make-up quite  a lot as Donna and her sister Anita, who I also regularly do make-up for, have such a great social life and such an interesting life compared to my own, big sobs onto the keyboard ….Someday though I reckon when they open their The Boudoir II in Milan or Monte Carlo they’ll fly me out as their personal make-up artist just like my Gary was in Milan with Tamara Ecclestone at the weekend…..a girl can dream

Donna is the current Tyrone Rose in the Rose of Tralee and was on official duties this day I did her make-up. As Donna’s dress was pink I also used a soft pink eyeshadow on Donna’s lid and smoked it into the socket line and underneath with a deep purple which is really not visible in this photograph unfortunately that I grabbed on Donna’s way out the door. In the inner lower lash line I used a Laura Mercier cream eyeliner to open Donna’s eyes and give her a bright eyed and girly look. Such a beautiful “rose” Donna!

Catherine had her make-up done for going out on a The Only Way Is Essex themed night. When she sent me the message to book in for this make-up I was sooo excited as I love The Only Way is Essex, saddo that I am! My favourite is Lydia as I love her pale skin and vintage look. 

For Catherine’s look it was just obligatory to slap on the slap as is appropriate for any proper glam Essex girl. Well defined brows, dark eyes with the dark lashes etc etc. We really could’ve gone way bigger on the lashes but Catherine was deciding to keep a bit of decorum and normally doesn’t wear anywhere near this amount of make-up so she was brave to go with even half this amount. She really really suited it though!

This is a photo of Catherine from Facebook (she let me use) and a couple of her friends looking “well reem” as TOWIE girls! (hope that man in the background’s not doing something he shouldn’t!) And unfortunately you can’t see the Kurt Geiger shoes she wore.


I know the next bit isn’t technically Saturday Slap but I’m so excited about shooting (very edgy “in” word!) our video for Lashes and Flashes  and thought I’d include a couple of photos I took yesterday on my phone. We took the whole day to “shoot” the video of what a Lashes and Flashes makeover photoshoot experience is all about and will hopefully have it up on Facebook, websites, studio etc within the next week or so. The video includes the models (Gemma and Maurade) having their hair styled at David Graham Hairdressing, me doing the make-up and then the photo shoot in the studio with Nigel. It was a great day and everyone involved was so professional, patient and great craic. I can’t wait to see the final cut, as they say in the business! BAFTA’s here we come….



This is a very quick blog as a friend of mine, who is also a make-up artist, text me last night to ask me what was the lipstick I use all the time! So here it is  – “Latino” by Rimmel.

The reason I love this lipstick so much is the colour , as it really does suit everybody. It’s a gorgeous corally pink and has a creamsheen texture. So if you want to buy a great lipstick for your make-up bag get this one.