As you know I ran a competition in the autumn last year to find a new name for my Saturday blog. I had, in the spur of the moment one day, entitled photos of my Saturday make-ups on my blog, “Saturday Slap”. My posh friend Gail had mentioned that it wasn’t very befitting or classy for my also sometimes quite “posh” clients to come to have their make-up expertly and professionally applied to be categorised as “Saturday Slap” ;)


Well, the reason, to be honest I hadn’t yet announced a winner was down to a couple of reasons. The first being that coming up to Christmas and over the New Year I was really busy with make-ups and just didn’t have the opportunity to really get as many photographs of my make-up clients as I’d have liked. The second reason being that I did have quite a few entries of which I’m really grateful and have had them running round my head for months now. Some of the really good ones were “Saturday Sparkles”, “Saturday Showcase”, “Saturday Blushers” (one of my favourites), “Saturday X Factor”, “Saturday Stars”, “Beauty and the Blog”,”Make Up SOS” SOS meaning “Secrets On Saturday” (another favourite of mine).

But I hadn’t quite got my head round any of these and kept coming back to “Saturday Slap” as I do really like the fun and cheeky edge to it :) So on Sunday I had a late entry and I have to say I loved it straight away! So here is the winner and the new name for my Saturday blog:-

“Saturday Slap Shots” by Victoria Dailly

I know it’s a bit of a cheat but I really do like my wee creation of Saturday Slap so this way,as Victoria quite rightly pointed out, I get to keep my brand but just add the “Shots” bit which relates to our photography side of the business – brilliant!

Victoria has won a make-up application and of course a “shot” and is hoping to come in for this in the next month or so when she is back from Scotland where she currently lives. Really looking forward to meeting her and having her photo on my newly entitled blog as named by Victoria :)

Thank you once again for all your suggestions and please don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything make -up related.



I had a gentle reminder today that I haven’t done a Saturday Slap blog and haven’t re-named it either after running my competition :( Things were just so crazy coming up to and over Christmas and the new year that I was flat out working from one appointment to the next on Saturdays with no time in-between for photos. We were also busy trying to brand our “Lashes and Flashes” and finally got the logo finalised and our Facebook page up and running this week. Here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/LashesandFlashes So look out for all the brilliant makeovers of girls having their hair done, make-up done and then a photoshoot, be it a professionally captured headshot or a full on photo shoot. Either way what a great present and a great thing to have done if you’re heading out.

So this blog is a mixture of some “Saturday Slap” and a few “Lashes and Flashes ” too through the week that I do have some photographs from. I was working until 6.30 pm last night doing my last make-up so the three girls at the end of the day I don’t have photos of unfortunately, as all three (Edel, Donna and Anita) of them looked gorgeous going out the door.

The first photo is of Rachael, who’s aunt Mairead, bought her having her make-up done for her 14th birthday, lashes and all! What a great aunt, I never had aunt’s as good as that when I was 14 and used to experiment a lot in my mum’s make-up which was Mary Quant in those days and on my Girl’s World :) (please message me if you had a Girl’s World or who or what you practised your make-up on!)

Rachael wanted good definition round her eyes and when she was in the studio saw a photo of a girl with lots of glitter and loved it so we decided to add some sparkle at the end (Jemma Kidd Crushed Jewel Eye Duo). Her lipstick is “Up the Amp” by Mac, one of my favourites. Her three friends and her mum who came with her give her lots of stick while she was having her make-up done but I think were all secretly jealous and did comment that she looked flawless…

And the lovely Bridget. Bridget is normally behind the scenes doing the hair for our photoshoots but yesterday it was her turn to be pampered as she was going to a wedding. She had her hair set in rollers with David Graham (where she works) and then came over to me for her make-up. She was wearing a red dress to the wedding so we went for a classic red lips, gold eye make-up look which she absolutely suited down to a T (I never really understood that saying – “down to a T”??) Bridget looks like she could be in Downton Abbey on a Sunday evening :) Lipstick is “Ruby Woo” by Mac and eyeshadow is “Woodwinked”, one of my favourite gold eyeshadows also by Mac. I also treated her to some By Terry Rose de Rose liquid blush and finished with good eyebrows and contouring. The second photo is of Bridget with her mother-in-law who also had her hair and make-up done for going to the wedding and loved the wee bit of pampering too.

Sara’s mum bought her her “Lashes and Flashes” makeover present and she came in for her pampering with so many gorgeous clothes and shoes I secretly wanted to forget the make-up and start trying everything on! How confident and fantastic does Sara look after hair and make-up and posing for the camera. Nigel always gives loads of direction for what to do in front of the camera so never feel nervous or intimidated if you’ve booked a “Lashes and Flashes” makeover photo shoot, you will love it!

Anne-Louise’s husband Colin (who I’ve known nearly all my life since sitting behind him in P1 and went right through to the same A-Levels with!) bought her a “Lashes and Flashes” makeover experience as part of her Christmas present. She is such a lady and I really enjoyed doing her make-up after Bridget of David Graham Hairdressing did her hair. We both have a common love of The Argory, where I walk my two dogs every day (completely nothing to do with make-up!) and it was brilliant seeing her enjoy her whole afternoon to herself being to made special before going for dinner, what a great present Colin.

And finally, but definitely not least is Lizie. Lizie is the “daughter-in-law” of my friend Gail i.e. she had been going out with Gail’s son Stuart for five years or so and I’ve heard so much about how gorgeous Lizie is so it was a total pleasure spending a good chunk of yesterday with her as she is totally gorgeous inside and out. The rest of her photos are brilliant, keep an eye out for more photos of Lizie and Sara on our Facebook page.

I thought I’d blog three lovely ladies I did make-up for last week , Rachel, Becky and Dolores, and managed (just!) to get a photo of them. They were  all having their make-up done for  different reasons but at the end of the day, no matter what our hair colour, our skin or eye colour, we can all look and feel just that little bit better with some make-up :)

Rachel – I only did Rachel’s make-up for the first time on Friday and I feel I’ve known her forever! There’s always a lot of trust involved when you’re doing someones makeup for the first time especially when that person is going out and they’re relying on you to make them look gorgeous. I added quite a bit of deep purple eyeshadow (NARS Eurydice) to match her dress for going out although you can’t see it in this photo but it was beautiful with the contrast of her hazel eyes. LOVE Rachel’s cheekbones and she’s a girl after my own heart and loves blusher so those cheeks came alive with some Mac Dollymix – beautiful.


Becky – Another girl who I met for the first this week and love her :) A really positive, fun and modest girl. If you ever need a dentist……! Becky is just a dream make-up customer. She loves her eye make-up and her amazing blue eyes suited a strong dark eye to really make them pop so with big lashes and a purple lip she just looked wow!

Dolores – I wasn’t sure whether to put this photo up as Dolores really really hates having her photo taken and I really did push her into it as I think she looks amazing. Dolores and my thing are lashes and lips!!! We have an understanding, that’s all I’ll say…. as well as an Amy Childs thing :) but I love her and love doing her make-up, she really is just gorgeous!  



Yesterday, Nigel was doing some photography training for a fellow photographer and I did Keely, the model’s, make-up. My two loves in make-up are bridal make-up and photoshoots so the combination of both just made for my perfect day! Hair was by David Graham Hairdressing, Linen Green. Dress by Bonita Bridal, Moy and Brooch Bouquets kindly supplied by The Flower Studio, Dungannon. The venue was Parkanaur which is just a stunning setting for a wedding – Santa’s reindeer galloped past at one stage! Do reindeers gallop? Hmm, not sure what the correct terminology is on that one, but…anyway it all added to a great day out!

For Keely’s make-up I did a classic bridal look. I used By Terry Rose de Rose liquid blush which is just beautiful. It claims to ” include Rosamine, a natural carmine botanical pigment drawn from Rose petals, containing translucent matte micro-reflectors that sculpt the face with fresh, natural rosy lights” and it really does smells of fresh roses and is so luxurious and gorgeous on the skin, it gives a radiant flush to any bride’s cheeks. At £40 for a bottle it’s not cheap but then every bride deserves to feel special on her wedding day

For the eyes I used two eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Naked palette ( “Toasted” and “Hustle”), a small amount of black eyeshadow under the bottom lash line and added some false lashes (Eylure) to really define the eyes. For the lips I used a Rimmel pink lipstick “Vintage Pink” and added some gloss.

It would nearly put me in the notion of being a bride again!!

This photo of Keely outside before she turned into a Cinderalla bride shows the make-up in daylight which is good for any bride to know how their bridal make-up will photograph in daylight. She just looks flawless.

And last but not least, the photographers! Nigel absolutely hates having his photo taken so I sneakily took this one when I had the chance!


Thursday was our first “Lashes and Flashes” makeover photo shoot of 2012 for the gorgeous Orla. Orla’s very kind and lovely big sister Keely bought it for her for Christmas. What a great present and a great sister! So Orla arrived with us looking very fresh faced, with not a pick of make-up on hiding behind her glasses. After having the dreaded “before” photo she was whisked over to David Graham Hairdressing just across the cobbles of the Linen Green to have her hair professionally styled. Once her rollers were in she was back to me for , in my opinion the absolute best bit of any makeover experience, the make-up :)

We looked through a few make-up ideas and settled on starting with a fresh spring/summer twist on a red lipstick look. I don’t have a red eyeshadow in my kit so mixed an Urban Decay one (“Heat”) which is more a rusty red with a bright yellow to get the desired fresh red look I was after. I used Bobbi Brown black gel liner on Orla’s lash line and Avon Supershock black gel liner in the waterline, and lots of black mascara. This eye make-up really suited Orla with her pure clear blue eyes. For the lips I used Mac “Ruby Woo” lipstick to keep the true red we were after. This is definitely more a fashion/photo shoot look rather than an everyday look but I’m sure could be adapted in the spring to suit a spring outfit. Does Orla look like the actress Rosamund Pike in this photo???

Bridget doing a touch up of hair in-between shots….

We then decided to go for a complete change of clothes and I changed Orla’s eye make-up to give her a different look, one which is probably more wearable for going out. I took off the red eyeshadow and added Mac “Carbon” black to smoke up the eyes and really accentuate Orla’s strong blue eyes. The red lips still worked really with this new outfit and I especially love the bit of red in Orla’s t-shirt. Anything french….!

Orla also had a change of hair halfway through this set of pictures. The “candyfloss” look!!

For the last set of photos and another outfit we decided to go for a strong dark look, this lipstick is “New Black” by No 17. I’m still hankering after the equivalent Tom Ford one but at £36 I’m still justifying price:use ratio!! This one looks just as good on Orla.

This last photo is I think my favourite photo of Orla. It is just such a contrast to her shy “before” photo and she looks every inch as if she’s a professional model. I think she loved her Christmas present and it was a pleasure doing her make-up.