This morning I had the pleasure of doing Kim’s make-up for her wedding. It was an early start, 7.30am, as she had four bridesmaids and her mum all having their make-up done. Although, it always seems like such a daunting task, working to a strict (non negotiable!) timescale, everything always seems to fall into place and the gorgeous girls are all ready in time, with dressess on, hair and make-up sitting perfectly and the odd glass of champagne had, not forgetting a few dramas inbetween:)

Today was no exception and even though there had been very little sleep (me included) the night before, everyone looked fantastic. Here is Kim’s trial make-up photo and of course a quick one from today, but one of the most important photos of a girl’s life :)

 And two of Kim’s beautiful bridesmaids. I added a touch of eyeshadow the same colour as their dresses



I still haven’t decided on my new Saturday blog name, sorry! I promise to make a decision in the next week and announce the winner! 

This is a very small selection of my week’s make-ups as I have been so busy and just haven’t had time to photograph all of my gorgeous make-up girls. Nigel took these two first photos on Saturday afternoon of Leeanne and Connie in-between dealing with our gallery customers. It was a bit rushed but glad I at least got a couple of photos

Leeanne, who’s jacket I fell in love with! I have googled it and am still trying to justify the cost??! 

Connie. I genuinely loved Connie’s reaction to her make-up. I think she liked it!!! I’ll see her next week so I’ll know then lol :)

And definitely not least, my Saturday morning bridal party which was just a little bit special. I met Eimear well over a year ago when she had just been in to choose her wedding dress in Bonita in the Linen Green and Carla from Bonita recommended that she ask me about her wedding makeup. Since then we have done many, many makeups for various occasions and have become good friends. Eimear and her sisters love their makeup and sometimes are able to tell me more about the latest Mac lipsticks than I know! So it really was a privilege, if not very emotional, to eventually be doing Eimear’s bridal makeup. As it is a winter wedding with colours of Christmas, we decided to bring this out in the make-up and added smokey eyes and red lips, stunning!

Today I did Keely’s make-up for a studio photoshoot. Here are a quick couple of photos, a behind the scenes, and the finished look, gorgeous.



The dreaded Before and After photo but WOW, how fantastic a transformation. I adore Keely’s hair, just stunning!



I love this photo of Keely taken in my make-up room, so beautiful. I love her lipstick here (Mac, “Up the Amp”), a gorgeous purple colour


I wish I was 21 again and could wear sparkly pants! These are brilliant!

And a sparkly beret!….I added some sparkle to Keely’s eyes for the moodier set of photos, it’s not really possible to see it in the photos but it looked great in reality and is great for this time of year when there’s so much sparkle around.