I missed doing a Saturday blog last week – due to a few reasons. All my makeup girls were either camera shy, had rollers in and another reason being I was just running from appointment into appointment with no time inbetween to get a photo taken.

So this week’s Saturday blog is a bit of a mixture of two weeks rolled into one ;)

As you can see I am still calling my Saturday blog – “Saturday Slap”. My competition to find another name has been very successful and I am going to keep it open for two more weeks to 14th November for any further name ideas. The winner will receive a complimentary make-up and photo so pleas keep emailing or messaging me your name ideas :)

Grace, going for her graduation photo, her make-up needed to be quite natural but flawless for her photos….


Eimear, bride to be in now under five weeks…! This make-up was for her hen party last Saturday in Dublin so had to last a very long day!!! Eimear and Meghan, her twin sister below love their make-up and it’s always a pleasure..

And this Saturday, Meghan, Eimear’s twin and bridesmaid. Meghan’s lips are a beautiful lavender purple colour which is really in at the minute …


Two sisters, Alana and Lavelle, going to model at a fashion show. Alana doesn’t really wear make-up so this probably felt a bit strange but she looked amazing…


 …as does Lavelle – flawless


Amy, going to model too at LadyHatBag fashion show, raspberry lips…..


Ann and her daughter Louise, Louise was going to a formal and I did a sapphire blue smokey eye with silver glitter to match her dress which you can’t really see in this photo but Louise suited it so well, a wee princess….


Helen who was also going to her formal, I love this really classic look and LOVED Helen’s YSL red lipstick she brought with her, the packaging is just so beautiful. Helen looked stunning….


Have your make-up professionally applied for your formal and then step into the studio to have your photo taken in your dress and with your parents/boyfriend as well – if you would like. Offer includes a mounted 10×8 photo. Formal Package only £49.95. Please phone or email me ASAP as limited appointments available.

 This is Louise who was going to a formal last week. She just looked like a wee princess. It’s a shame you can’t see her jewel encrusted shoes, they were to die for!! Big shoe envy :)  

Ernesta was my second model for our joint make-up and hair project. I have a certain affection for Ernesta, as I sort of  “discovered” her in the street in Dungannon (i.e. I saw her a few times, thought she’d make a great model and finally plucked up the courage to ask her!)

I chose Ernesta for a glamorous “going out” look. I wanted her make-up to have lots of bling, sparkle and a make-up you would really want to wear on a night out and feel fantastic.


For Ernesta’s  eyes I used a Mac black eyeshadow “Carbon” all over the lid mixed with some Bourjois little round pot in the sapphire blue coloured one (I can’t remember the exact name) and “winged” this out slightly for drama as well as adding some under the lash line. I also added lots of black eyeliner on top of the lash line and in the waterline (Gosh “Black Ink” waterproof eyelienr). To add the “bling” at the very end I used Crushed Jewel Creme Duo in “Lolite” by Jemma Kid which is a must have product! It is a sapphire  blue cream eyeshadow on top and then a wee pot of silver glitter underneath in a fushia pink pot which you just press gently onto the cream eyeshadow – it  instantly adds glamour :)   Barry M’s dazzle dusts are also good when used with a cream eyeshadow.

I wanted to keep Ernesta’s skin glowing and used an Illamasque cream blusher “Rude” with Mac Strobe cream on top of the cheekbones. I used very little powder in this make-up look.




For this set of shots (with my new favourite fur jacket from Boohoo) I decided to change Ernesta’s lips to a stronger colour in style with the photos (I think this lipstick is “Bordeux” by Rimmel).


I recently did make-up for Vivienne. Vivienne was modelling for an exciting joint hair and make-up project that myself, Nigel and David Graham Hairdressing are working on which will hopefully be available in the next month or so :)

Firstly, some behind the scenes aka….from “caterpillar to butterfly”!

Rollers in, foundation and contouring on, coffee to keep her going and then back to David to finish off the hair

The make-up look for Vivienne was a very carefully chosen look to suit Vivienne. As one of her strongest features is her lips, I chose Vivienne so that we could do a glamourous red lipstick look and a warm eyeshadow to accentuate her eyes. Here are some of the beauty head and shoulder shots….




This red lipstick is new in my kit and I absolutely love it – Kate Moss for Rimmel (red).

I kept Vivienne’s eyes warm and used two brown Mac eyeshadows on the eyes “Omega” and “Handwritten” with Bobbi Brown black gel liner on the lash line. I also filled and shaped Vivienne’s eyebrows with a Gosh eyebrow pencil in greybrown. I finished Vivienne’s eyes with Ardell lashes (117).

Vivienne just happened to have brought this dress with her, not knowing what her make-up look was going to be, and it really suits the 1940′s style make-up perfectly.

This week has been one of the busiest make-up weeks in a long while with two full day photo shoots and lots of other lovely make-up clients inbetween. My false lash supply is at an all time low!

I have included just some of the “make-up’ers” and apologies to the ladies who aren’t included, due to various reasons, the main one this week being there seemed to be quite a lot of girls  with their rollers in, so naturally not the best time to have your photo taken! Brave Anita agreed as she was going out the door and she really is a fine example of how to rock the roller :) (I really like that term “Rockin the Roller”, I think I should patent it…..!)

This was Anita getting ready for Saturday night out. She was also at a friend’s wedding during the week (which she also sang at) and we were doing her make-up at 7.30am in the morning, hence no photo that morning!


Donna is a hairdresser and had her make-up done for going to a wedding. I always think it’s very brave to go for a red lip but I really do love it and it is just so glamorous – Donna really suits this look due to her colouring. The red lipstick is my new favourite Kate Moss collection for Rimmer. Beautiful. Incidentally Donna and I will be doing hair and make-up together at the beautiful Eimear’s wedding at the start of Decemeber. Really looking forward to it.

 Louise did not want her photo at all, I’ve no idea why as she looks gorgeous. Her and her mum Mary (below) were going to a wedding in the Culloden.  It was the first time I’d done Mary’s make-up and she was just lovely. 


Mary’s eye make-up is difficult to see in this photo but she was telling me her outfit had a bit of burnt orange in it and as Mary has such blue eyes, I added a touch of burnt orange eyeshadow on her lid which really contrasted with her eye colour and would come out even more when she had her outfit on.

The next two photos are of Janice and Shirley-Anne who are sisters. I regularly do Rhonda, their other sister’s make-up and poor Rhonda didn’t have time to have her make-up done this time as she was working. It was Shirley-Anne’s 40th birthday party on Friday night and Janice was having her make-up done and so it was only right Shirley-Anne had her’s done too. Janice told me her make-up had to be dishwasher proof (a first!) as she would probably be spending most of the night at the sink (Shirley-Anne was having around 70 people to her house!) I don’t even know 70 people! Two lovely sisters.