Nigel recently did a photo shoot  for Susan Black, Fashion Designer for her “Dare to Dream” Spring/Summer 2012 Collection and I was asked to do the make-up for  Laura, the model who was kindly modelling for Susan.

Susan had previously emailed through a few make-up ideas she liked to match the theme of her collection. These looks had gorgeous bright eyeshadows with a lot of strong colour. As the make-up was to compliment the clothes and not to take away from them, I did a colourful look but didn’t go mad! I used a yellow eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes with an aqua blue on the lid and under the lash line and a plum into the socket line and blended upwards. I finished the look with a pink lip to match the pink beading in Susan’s collection.

Laura Williams was the model for Susan’s collection and she was just a dream to work with and her green eyes and beautiful sallow skin matched the look perfectly.

Hair by Sarah Tiny (long hair look) and Cathy Smyth (the “up” look).

Here are some of the photos of  some of Susan’s fantastic collection. There are many more pieces in the collection I just can’t blog them all

A touch up inbetween shots and clothes changes

Late in the day and Laura is still smiling :) ….


Susan’s amazing handmade neck pieces…

It was fantastic working with all the people involved on this photo shoot, Susan, Laura, Sarah and Cathy.  I can’t wait to see more uinique and stylish designs from Susan :)

If you would like any further information on Susan Black’s “Dare to Dream” collection and other designs you can contact her on  - s.black85 @hotmail.com

Photography by Nigel Fleming www.nigelflemingphotography.co.uk

I am still calling my Saturday blog “Saturday Slap” in light of not having come up with a better title yet…! My Saturday blog is a bit of a round up of make-ups I’ve done throughout the week and the ones I got the chance to get a quick photo of or Nigel took a quick photo of. 

They are in no particular order and every make-up is just as important as the next one, all lovely ladies going somewhere lovely! :)

The first is Diane, whose make-up obviously was just slightly more important ;) She got married yesterday and just looks so serene and beautiful. She was so calm and laid back and I’m sure she had a fantastic day. 

Diane’s sister Sharon…



Donna and Anita (The Boudoir) on their way to Ladies Day at Down Royal races………

Valerie on her way to Portrush for dinner…..

And finally the lovely Niamh going to her formal……

Here are more photos from Gemma’s model portfolio and the make-up I did for Gemma. Gemma was one of the finalists in this year’s Miss N.Ireland :)

I kept the make-up very classic with a Hollywood 50′s feel to it as Gemma has this sort of look. So it was quite a warm make-up with peachy cheeks, a classic “Marilyn Monroe” eye and peachy lips (I added a red lip at the end of the photo shoot). For Gemma’s eye make-up I used black gel eyeliner, the Maybelline one which I think is every bit as good as my usual Bobbi Brown favourite. I did a warm peach eyeshadow (“Servant” by Illamasque) and added a warm brown in the socket line and smudged underneath the lash line for definition. Gemma has amazingly thick brows naturally so I filled them and added some shape.


Back from Majorca, we loved it :) , I would recommend Puerto Pollenca to anyone, great beach, restaurants, marina etc. The only thing I love about being back home  is my bed, it feels like a big fluffy marshmallow after a rock hard hotel bed! And I loved seeing my two dogs <3

Today we did a photoshoot for the gorgeous Gemma (she was in this year’s Miss N.Ireland). Great doing her make-up as she has such great features, skin, eyes, eyebrows and lips. Here is a quick one from today, more to come……