There is no Saturday blog this week or next week unfortunately, as I am on holiday in Majorca for a week :) I will be back on Monday 5th September.


Putting on the all important lashes and making sure they're going to stay on!

This  Saturday’s  blog includes some make-ups from today that Nigel photographed and a couple I didn’t get to blog during the week. I still haven’t thought of a better name for my weekly Saturday blog so all idea’s are very welcome….:)

The first photo is Orla, whose lovely daughters bought her a Mother’s Day present of having her make-up applied, a mini make-up lesson and some photography to follow. It was Orla’s 25th wedding anniversary party last night so it was a good day to use her Mother’s Day present and have her make-up done for the party. Orla has the most amazing eyes ever, they are a bright green/gold colour and the whites of her eyes are so white so we decided to really accentuate them. I used a burnt orange on the lid (Mac Red Brick which I love at the minute) with brown (Mac Handwritten) in the socket and softened out with a wee bit of gold. On Orla’s lash line I smudged some black gel liner to really soften the liner rather than a big hard liner line and added blackest black mascara. Orla has really long curly up lashes naturally . Gorgeous photos – Happy Anniversary :)  

A really natural photo of Orla

Erin – Erin recently got  through to Specsavers glasses wearer of the year final in N.Ireland. Yesterday morning Erin had to go for a press photo shoot (v exciting :) ) and  she asked me to do her make-up for it. We decided to go for a non make-up look, more “I always just look like this” look so kept everything as natural as possible although this look means still applying just as much make-up just more subtly! Because the photo shoot would maybe be focusing on the eyes we kept the eye make-up lighter than I would usually do Erin’s eyes (she really suits a good strong smokey look) and went for a bonze brown soft smoke which contrasts really well with Erin’s really blue eyes. Lots of black mascara very carefully applied in case of close up glasses shots and no eyeliner in the rim again just in case. I smudged some brown and black powder under the bottom lash line again to bring out Erin’s eyes without any harsh lines or “obvious” make-up.

Erin really suits her cheeks contoured as she has great cheek bones so I applied Becca cream contouring  and then some Stila contouring powder as well after powdering,  finished off with some powder highlighting on top of the cheek bones. A small bit of NARS coral blush was also applied to Erin’s cheeks.I can’t wait to see the photos. Here’s one I took quickly outside the studio just before she left to go to her photo shoot – ironically no glasses on for this photo!

The next two girls, Nicola and Eimear, have a good few more photos than are normally taken as Nigel was in snapping form so this bit of the blog is like those mobile voice messages you get sometimes – “the next message is four hundred minutes long” and then when you listen it’s just somebody fustling about with a bit of non sensical noise not knowing they’ve phoned you but you listen anyway in case you might hear something interesting :) I know, I have a sad life! So to Orla and Erin, it’s not because you are any less important, it’s just Nigel couldn’t put the camera down this afternoon.

Eimear and Nicola

If Nicola and Eimear look familiar that’s because they were on a blog of mine a month ago or so and it’s always a great Saturday afternoon’s craic when they’re in for make-up. They have always been somewhere interesting, going somewhere interesting, got funny stories about something or other – just really good chat :) Nicola was 30 yesterday and tonight is another night of a good few day’s birthday celebrations – good girl yourself, enjoy those Strawberry Daiquiri’s! Nigel and I were so nearly on that bus to Omagh!  

I am doing Eimear’s bridal make-up in December and am really looking forward to it as she and her family are just lovely,(Orla, above, is Eimear’s mummy, spot the resemblance!) Eimear, like me loves, her make-up and it’s always a pleasure doing her it for her and it’s different every time. Tonight Eimear was wearing a gold sort of coloured dress and she decided she’d like red lips and a gold soft smoke eye to match to give a more classic elegant look. I love this look, it’s one of my personal favourites. I used a Mac Paint Pot in “Groundwork” first all over the lid and added “Woodwinked” by Mac which I adore on the lid and under the bottom lash line to really bring out the gold in Eimear’s eyes softly smoked in the socket line and underneath. I also smudged some black gel liner on the top lash line before adding Eylure 101 lashes and black eyeliner in the waterline. The essential red lips were added last but not least (Mac Ruby Woo). Eimear can really carry this timeless make-up and really suits red lips. Another evening more fabulous Eimear :)




Nicola was 30 yesterday and doesn’t have one line on her face – really lucky girl! As she has such good skin her make-up always sits really well and she just looks flawless. Her dress for tonight was a royal blue colour so, we decided to go for a soft grey eye colour and to keep it light but still accentuate Nicola’s gorgeous blue eyes. Her colouring really suits a grey/silver eyeshadow. I started off with a Smashbox silver on the lid and used a deeper Nars grey in the socket and lightly underneath Nicola’s bottom lash line. To give some depth to the grey and silver I smudged a black gel liner on the top lid at the lash line and finished off by adding natural Ardell lashes. Nicola has great cheeks so I used Mac “Dollymix” pink powder blush and lots and lots of powder highlighter on the top of the cheekbones to really give her that glowy fresh look. I used a matte Revlon pink lipstick (Stormy Pink) on Nicola’s lips with lots of gloss. A really fresh but gorgeous make-up which Nicola really suits and will look amazing with her dress – I can’t wait to see the photos.

Nigel took two more photos of Eimear and Nicola on their way out the door with a different lenses which gives a different look…

Yesterday morning I did Ria’s make-up as she was modelling for a photo shoot for Local Women Magazine, modelling clothes for The Boudoir, Linen Green, Dungannon. The photo shoot was for The Boudoir’s new autumn/winter collection so the make-up needed to be in keeping with the theme, therefore warm autumnal colours. Although it’s not obvious in this photo I did Ria’s eye make-up a lovely burnt orange colour (Mac Red Brick) lightly smoked with a charcoal brown. Her lips were also a beige brown tone using a new favourite product of mine Collection 2000 matte lip gloss (£2.99 at Gordons Chemists) . Looking forward to seeing next month’s edition of Local Women.

Ria McKenna


I love Kate Moss as a model, I don’t know her as a person obviously, but I love any photo of Kate Moss in any magazine, she just has it and makes every photo look effortless (see last month’s Vogue with her photo shoot with Mario Testino, stunning :) ) Maybe someday I could get to do her make-up……even for Vogue…a bit like I’m going to win the lotto someday :)

The “No Heirs or Graces” photoshoot idea came to me after seeing a couple of Kate’s photos. In one of the photos Kate is sauntering down a very grand staircase in just her underwear and the other she is lying back in what is obviously a very grand chair with her leg flung over the side but she still looks every inch stunning. The theme of the photo shoot was  about a beautiful girl in a beautiful castle but she is rebelling against the heirs and graces that these type of surroundings command. She is not the stereotypical good princess in frilly dresses and is just bored with it all.


All Nigel and I needed was the venue and a model…easy! Well, the venue was a bit of a nightmare to get organised but we finally got there and got the absolutely beautiful Killymoon Castle in Cookstown booked and we got two amazing models, the stunning – Carys Magill and the equally gorgeous Clara Anderson.  Hair was done by David Graham Hairdressing who just got the whole theme straight away and did a fantastic job as usual.

There were so many photos from the photoshoot that Nigel put together a small video (4 mins) …


Some of my favourite photos of the day were these ones

I have been really busy lately and have been neglecting my blog so there are quite a few blogs coming up one after the other and not necessarily in order! 

Today’s blog is some of the lovely girls who I did make-up for on Saturday. All of them were going to weddings….