Saturdays are busy, busy make-up days but I love them :)

I love hearing where everyone’s going whether it’s weddings, hen parties, first dates, anniversaries etc. Sometimes girls bring their dresses or their fascinators and just for a while on a Saturday I’m part of all the anticipation and buzz of a great day or evening out!

Today was manic but my very last appointment of the day was the bubbly, lovely, dog loving (always helps with me to talk about my passion for dogs!) Claire. It was Claire’s birthday yesterday so she was going out tonight to celebrate with some friends. On her way out I took this quick photo of the gorgeous birthday girl …. Happy Birthday Claire! Ps your dress is beautiful Xo

Last Monday Nigel and I held our Model For A Day. All I can say is, what a really enjoyable day spent with three genuinely lovely ladies as well of course as the fantastic photographer, fabulous hairdresser David and the gorgeous Bridget who also did hair.

The three models who came were amazing! We had the lovely Aideen, Erin and Nadine and I think they really had a good girly day. The day was meant to be as much about the experience of make-up, hair and the photoshoot as well as the end photos and I think all the girls agreed it was a fantastic experience.

We started off with coffee, then alternated the models between make-up and hair. Hair was done with David of David Graham Hairdressing who is literally six steps across the cobbled streets of the Linen Green, so it is super handy for photoshoots and his salon is so chic and a really nice place to have your hair made amazing. We then had more coffee and biscuits as our models decided on outfits for the different stages of their photoshoot.

There were clothes and shoes everywhere…..great fun going through and deciding what to wear for what photos and there were a few things being swapped for certain shots :)


I did the make-up for the girls as if they might be going for a night out so that they still looked beautiful but glamorous. Each of them got a set of false eyelashes to add a bit more wow factor to the eyes. I also did a lot of touching up of lips in between shots and changed lip colour at times depending on the outfit and background colour.




The first set of photos of each of the girls were their up close head and shoulders photos………








Then some more fashiony style photos for the rest of the day…









Our three "models for a day" Erin, Nadine and Aideen at the end of their day


I somehow managed to get a quick photo of three of my lovely girls who I did make-up for today. Here are their photos, in order of appointment……

Two of them were going on a girly night out and one on a first date :)  dying to know how that one goes!

My own Saturday night has consisted of an indian takeaway, which I could eat almost any night of the week but of course can’t due to my weight watchers diet :( , a walk in the park afterwards with Sheeba and Maggie, my two bestest labrador friends, a bit of a film, reading some gossipy magazines and some computer stuff!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing Alison’s make-up. Alison had been given a makeover photoshoot as a  present for her birthday, which really is such a lovely present for whatever age we are, whether it’s 18 or 80!! :)

Alison’s  daughter Danielle came with her  and it was a great girly afternoon. I really enjoyed doing Alison’s make-up as she’s very easy going, good fun and her great skin, eyes and cheekbones made my job of applying make-up very easy . Danielle was coaxed into having a few photos taken with her mum too. Here are a few of the photos that Nigel took of Alison looking fabulous at   x*#%*x ……..!


A quick touch-up in between shots…..


I am sooooo excited to have my make-up featured on the front cover of this month’s Ulster Tatler  :) :) :)

I bought two copies this morning in our local BP garage and then went and bought another one to frame – the girl on the till said “another one?” so I had to explain. She happened to be at Tori’s wedding on Saturday and knew I had done her bridal make-up so I didn’t seem or feel quite as mad then!

Hair – David Graham Hairdressing

Photography – Nigel Fleming (my very talented husband!)

Model – Emma Hunter