I really love doing bridal make-up. There are many reasons why I really love doing bridal make-up……. I love all the excitement and nervous tension in the house, I love seeing the girls with their different hairstyles, whether it’s up or down, the time when the bridesmaids come out with their dresses on, the excitement of the flowers and the cars arriving, daddies pacing up and down, mummies cooking, forcing brides to maybe have something to eat and tidying up as mummies do. And the absolute best part of the morning is when the bride comes out in her wedding dress looking absolutely transformed into a princess!

It’s a great and very privileged event to be asked to be part of and make my small contribution to.

It was the gorgeous Maria’s wedding today and I had the pleasure of doing her and her bridal party’s make-up. Maria is  tall and elegant and in her dress just looked so classically beautiful. I again remembered to bring my camera and took a couple of photos of the girls just as they were about to leave for the church.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing Tina’s make-up for one of the most important days of her life – her wedding! Tina has the most gorgeous big green eyes and she really suited her eye make-up and looked amazing when she stepped into the room in her wedding dress, such a beautiful bride.

I’m really glad I  remembered to bring the camera with me and managed to get a very, very quick photo of her as she was about to leave… such a beautiful girl and a gorgeous bride. By now she’ll be Mrs Hughes and about to go on honeymoon to the sun!

Tina’s sister Stacey and bridesmaid….

and their lovely mummy…..

Yesterday I did the make-up for a photo shoot for David Graham Hairdressing of the Linen Green, Dungannon.  Erin’s hair was obviously the focus of the photographs but the make-up needed to compliment the hair.

Erin has beautiful eyes and a great face shape so  I concentrated on bringing out her eyes and sculpting her great cheeks even further. Here are the photos…

Photography by Nigel Fleming Photography.

Before make-up…