Coming soon…. all the images from our Barbie Biker photoshoot on Tuesday. The make-up had to be pretty (so lots of pink) but also a bit hard and a bit bikerish. Danni, Emma and Natasha, the models, pulled it off to a T (maybe I should have called this blog the “T-Birds”  as in Grease)  :) . Becca Compton (Compton Hair) and Sarah Tiny did an amazing job on the hair and thanks to Jozef for letting us use his motorbike.

Photography by www.nigelflemingphotography.co.uk

Danni and Natasha looking “mean”…

Barbie Biker….. (Natasha came up with this great term for herself!)


I kept seeing Ernesta walking in Dungannon and thought she’d make a fantastic model/make-up model so eventually, after about a year, I stopped the car last week and asked her. She said she thought I was “crazy”! So on Monday I did her make-up and Nigel took some photos. Vivienne also came and had her make-up done as she’d like to do some modelling. They both have a great look and I’m sure will do very well if they decide to pursue a modelling career.

The “behind the scenes getting ready shots”…

Ernesta Before make-up….                                                                            After

Nigel didn’t take a “Before” photo of Vivienne (apart from the getting ready shots) but here are her “Afters”, she has a fantastic face shape and features and takes a great photo….


I have wanted a photo like this for ages for my make-up room so Nigel took these couple of Ernesta just before she was leaving…

A couple of weeks ago I did Catherine’s make-up for her graduation photo. Catherine has the biggest darkest brownest eyes so I really tried to accentuate these and at the same time keep her make-up as natural as possible for her photos. I used a lot of golds and browns and finished with black gel eyeliner on the top of her lids. As Catherine was wearing a beautiful dress in a deep coral, I did her lips with a coral lipstick. Catherine takes a great photo and it was a pleasure doing her make-up for them.

We recently went to White Rocks Beach Portrush (incidentally my favourite beach in N.Ireland, if not the world…well maybe Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia is my favourite…!!) to do a photoshoot with the very attractive Natasha and Slade.  I have previously done make-up for photoshoots at the beach and I’ve come home with sand in everything! Sand and make-up are definitely not a good combination and so Natasha organised for me to do her make-up at the house before we went to beach – much better idea!

The first set of photos were to be quite a glamorous, romantic theme with Natasha and Slade in evening wear so I did Natasha’s make-up to match with dark eyes and red lips. She has beautiful dark eyes so I did a reddish brown smoke with false eyelashes (Eylure 207s).  She looked beautiful and this make-up translated really well into her more casual look especially as she had a red heart on her t-shirt which drew out her red lips. Great location, great models, brilliant photographer :) and fantastic photos as a result……

I am sort of behind with blogging as I’ve been flat out with bridal trials, weddings, special occasion make-up (gorgeous Siobhan & Francesca on Sat), makeover photoshoots (birthday girls Miss Emma & sister Mairead)  etc etc.  so I’m going to have quite a few blogs in succession over the next week!

This blog is make-up I did for the beautiful Helen for her photoshoot with her boyfriend Ryan – such an attractive couple.

I kept the focus on Helen’s eyes with a bronze smoke (Mac “woodwinked” on top of a black smoke) and really full eyelashes by Eylure. I did quite a bit of contouring on Helen’s cheeks (Becca cream & Stila contouring powder trio) to emphasise her great bone structure and kept colour to a minimum due to the gritty surroundings of the photoshoot.

This is Helen before we went to the location (which was cold, damp, a bit smelly but ultimately great for these photos!)

If you’re thinking of having an engagement photoshoot or just to have great photos of the two of you in an ultra modern style, contact me for details regarding make-up and photography.