Anne’s brother and his wife bought her a makeover photoshoot as a Christmas present – what a great present!

For Anne’s make-up she said she would love to try a smokey eye as she can never quite do it herself, so that’s what we did and it looked brilliant on Anne. A smokey eye is fantastic on anybody and a lot of women are scared to try it as they get older but it really is so flattering as the eyes sometimes tend to start to droop over the eyelid and a dark matte shadow can really push this back and open up the eye again.

Here is Anne’s makeover photoshoot……

Some recent behind the scenes photos of my lovely ladies during their makeover photoshoot experience…… make-up, laughs, champagne and beautiful photos at the end of it all. A great experience.

On Thursday night we did a great makeover photoshoot.  Here is the “story” of Ewelina’s “Lashes & Flashes” Makeover……

Brushes all ready to go..

On arrival, no make-up                                                         Foundation and cream blusher on

Next, powder……..

Highlighter on top of the cheeks and the high points (Bobbi Brown Brick) ………

And of course some gorgeous false eyelashes (these ones are Ardell 110)………..


Ewelina came with such a fantastic array of clothes, all perfect for her photoshoot. I adore her grey dress especially

Because of the sparkly background, I added some silver Barry M glitter to Ewelina’s eyes and pressed some finer Jemma Kidd glitter onto her lipgloss

And this is what makes a “Lashes & Flashes” makeover wow…..

Photography all Nigel Fleming Photography

Zara recently had a makeover photoshoot and her one key accessory was her fantastic red hair! To compliment and keep the focus on Zara’s hair, Nigel made the background black and I did a strong smokey eye which also accentuated Zara’s great eyes. I finished her eyes with a false eyelash. I didn’t add any colour to Zara’s cheeks but contoured them under the cheekbone.

Halfway through Zara’ photoshoot I changed her lips to a dramatic black which obviously isn’t for everyday wear but suited the style of the photoshoot. Zara’s wee boy wasn’t too impressed though when his mummy came home with it on! I also added more gel black eyeliner into the inner corner of the eye to add more drama

Jewellery by Mi Misimo, Linen Green, Dungannon

I love this necklace (by Mi Misimo again) as it almost looks like barbed wire!