Laura came to help a friend at a photoshoot and as soon as I saw her I thought she has such a great look, she really should get her makeup done and have some photos taken. So, under a lot of persuasion and a lot of talking her into it, she finally agreed (very very reluctantly!).

As this was a very impromptu photoshoot for Laura she didn’t have any other clothes with her other than what she’d been wearing to work! But, I think she looks fantastic and even though she really didn’t want to have her photo taken she did brilliantly and looks amazing in the photos.  Thank you Laura for doing a great job and for letting me do your makeup. I love having any excuse to do somebody’s makeup!

Laura has amazing green eyes so I highlighted these with some green shadow to really make her natural colour pop.  For her lips I kept these a lovely Spring corally/pink colour.

This dress was kindly lent to us by The Boudoir, Linen Green, Dungannon and is part of their Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Photography by Nigel Fleming Photography

The styling of this photoshoot was all about white and cream tones. Michelle, my model, was fantastic and came armed with mountains of clothes, shoes and accessories for our “White Out” photoshoot.

I would like to thank  The Boudoir, Linen Green, Dungannon who very kindly lent us clothing from their stunning and beautiful new Vintage collection.

For Michelle’s make-up I kept the whole look very pale except for a strong smokey eye.

Photography by Nigel Fleming Photography

Dress and Necklace from The Boudoir, Linen Green, Dugannon

If you are even just thinking of having your make-up done (for any reason!), I thought I would include a few photos of what the Linen Green looks like where I am based.

If you have any questions about make-up or about me please don’t hesitate to call in and see me at The Art Room, Linen Green, Dungannon. The Linen Green is a great place for a walk round the designer boutiques and brilliant for coffee or lunch! My personal favourite is coffee with the biggest most delicious raspberry mascarpone buns you’ve every had…. enjoy xo

(Photography – Nigel Fleming Photography)