Laura recently came to try the whole make-over photoshoot experience in the studio and I think she really enjoyed the afternoon. We started by doing the worst bit, the bit everybody hates – taking the “before” picture! Then we discussed some  ideas and looked at clothes for the photoshoot. If in doubt as to what clothes to bring to a make-over photoshoot – bring everything! Even the silliest accessories can look great in a photo somewhere. We then had coffee and biscuits and then into my favourite bit -  the make-up!

Laura said she would like quite a dark smokey eye and as she has the most piercing clear blue eyes it made perfect sense to draw attention to one of her strongest and best features. Here are the results…..


I love bright colours and really “pinked” up Laura’s lip colour with a favourite lip colour of mine “Pink Powder”. I know there is a lot of colour here but it’s nearly summer !!!

Thank you to Nigel for always being so patient whilst the clothes, make-up and hair gets done, puts up with a lot of girly chat and for always doing a fantastic job on the photos. If you would like to book a make-over photoshoot please get in touch to arrange a time and discuss what you might like.

I wanted to try my new summer illuminating products to see how they work under studio lighting and Anna, who has been my great make-up model before, kindly agreed to come in yesterday and let me try them out and get a few photographs done. I found out yesterday she is doing exams this week and should have been studying instead of getting make-up and photos done!! Difficult choice! I was going for the bright spring/summer dewy look which is much more difficult to achieve than it sounds!

Anna looks great but I am not really convinced that my new illuminator which I applied under Anna’s foundation made a huge difference under studio lights. It is good in natural daylight so I will just stick to using it for that. I have included Anna’s “before” shot as a comparison to show how big a difference make-up can make (sorry Anna, I know you’ll kill me for this!).




I have been wanting to get Michelle to do a makeover photoshoot for me for a long time although she didn’t know this until recently!  Michelle works part time in our local  Filling Station inbetween  studying for her degree at university. Being in and out of the filling station far too many times in a week… I always thought she would take a great photo and the results are a million times better than I ever anticipated. She looks absolutely stunning! I am so thrilled with this set of photos and I adored doing her makeup. Here are some of the photos….

For Michelle’s first make-up look I did her eyes a very soft “smoke” using silver, lilac and a touch of black. I blended these colours on her lid and also smudged some below her lash line, adding some black eyeliner. I finished her eyes with some natural Eylure falsh eyelashes.  For her cheeks I used pink cream blush and after setting her foundation with powder highlighted her cheeks with a soft pink powder blush. For Michelle’s lips I used a soft pink lip colour and finished with a touch of gloss.

For the next few shots I darkened Michelle’s eyes by adding some more black eyeshadow and changed her lips to a smouldering pillar box blue/red.

Thank you to Michelle for being such a fantastic model and to Nigel for all his hard work setting up and taking the photos although he said it was a pleasure to work with Michelle and that it was impossible to take a bad photo of her!

I did a photoshoot recently with my very attractive friend Debbie. We did a couple of different make-up looks, a few outfit changes (Debbie has such gorgeous clothes it was soo difficult to choose), quite a lot of camera clicking  by Nigel (my husband, the photographer) and ended up with some really fantastic shots. Debbie is not a professional model…I reckon she should be!

Debbie’s boyfriend bought her this dress in The Boudoir – love it!

Amazing eyes!

A change of outfit  – I seriously covet this jacket….

At this stage we changed Debbie’s eye make-up to a darker, more smokey look. She really suits this look.

Two more tops I would really like to have in my wardrobe! I love the studs and the frills on this grey one