Most of the time I’m normally doing makeup for “real” brides which is my favourite type of makeup, however it’s nice too to do makeup sometimes for photoshoots and for the models that come to do these. I never really get to meet the groom either at real life weddings let alone do their makeup lol! So on the odd occasion it’s also great having a chance to do some subtle male makeup for a photoshoot/training day. Below I’ve attached some photos from makeup I did for a couple of photography training days my husband Nigel Fleming was running with the theme being bridal. 

The first model is Destiny. As the bouquets were pink toned I keep her eyes these tones also


Destiny with her “husband” Jay who is in fact her boyfriend in real life. I used MAC Face & Body Foundation on Jay just to even out the skin tone and a dust of powder to flatten any shine for the camera flash. 




Photography by Nigel Fleming Photography

Bridal styling by Diamond Bridal

Groom styling by Tux and Tails

Flowers by Flower Studio – Dungannon

Hair styling by Christopher Kirk and James Britton

Venue Parkanaur Manor House

Models Destiny and Jay

Summer bridal season is well and truly here and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful girls this summer morph into true Princesses ready to marry their Princes! Fairytales still do exist I believe :)  

Nicola and her grogesous bridesmaids and flowergirl. The fact that the girls were all blonde and blue eyed meant their baby pink was just perfect (Flowers by Janice Watt, The Flower Studio). Such a perfect summer bridal wedding colour 

Nicola, who knows a thing or two about makeup herself as she works for Benefit. So great doing makeup for her :)


Gorgeous Stephanie, this girl just loved every single second of her morning getting ready. Loved the atmosphere in her house :)

Stephanie’s makeup from the side to show her “glow”!

Gorgeous bridesmaids

Stephanie’s gorgeous mummy Bertha with the beautiful flower girl :)

Beautiful Lizie, who’s mother -in-law Gail I worked with in Ulster Bank Financial Services. Gail and I were invited to the hen party in Carrick-on-Shannon. Great night! I’ll insert a wee photo below of Lizie and I :)

The fab bridesmaids, Lizie’s two sisters and her best friend Grace

Lizie and I while she was still a singleton! (married a dairy farmer hence the cow dress!)

 Orla, who’s house was just full of her family on the morning of the wedding with us having nine makeups to do on the morning. Many thanks to Louise for assisting me. Orla was just so calm and a truly beautiful bride

The stunning bridesmaids

A close up of the bridesmaid’s eye makeup 

Orla’s two sister-in-laws

If you would like to see more of Orla’s wedding day and a quick shot of me doing the makeup press play on this short video, it’s amazing :)

Every bride is unique and beautiful and it is an honour to be asked by a bride to come into her home on the morning of probably, if not, the biggest day of her life. I love doing bridal makeup. I love arriving at the craic of dawn, sometimes in winter when it’s still pitch dark, and watching over a few hours ordinary girls with messy hair, no makeup in their dressing gowns or pyjamas turn into princesses :)  

Here’s a few of my recent spring brides I’ve had the pleasure to do makeup for …..


Andrea’s bridesmaids 


Andrea’s mummy


Carol’s mummy who  you may recognise as country music queen Philomena Begley

Carol’s bridesmaids


Sarah’s bridesmaids (I’m also doing Emma’s wedding this year, the blonde one!)

Sarah’s mummy

Marie-Anne (vintage themed)

Marie-Anne’s only sister and bridesmaid Maeve

Catherine (I did Catherine’s sister Paula’s makeup about 6 months ago for her wedding so it was lovely going back to the same family)

Catherine’s sister Paula and sister-in-law 

Catherine’s mum Winifred who I just love :)  


Ciara’s bridesmaids



I have been very neglectful of my blog and am going to have to play catchup! The month of December is just so busy with makeups, girls going out, winter weddings etc and then every year between Christmas and the New Year I am inundated with bridal enquiries. So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing! I didn’t win the lotto and am not sailing the world on a yacht with a private jet unfortunately:) If any of you lovely customers of mine do win the lotto please let me know, I am willing and able to travel around the world with you as your private makeup artist, just saying :)

On Saturday I had the pleasure of doing my first wedding of 2014 for the gorgeous Gemma.  Gemma loves her eyes dark and so what a bride says goes! She really suits a dark eye and was a beautiful bride. Her bridesmaids were wearing dusky pink so I kept Gemma’s lips this tone and added a hint of pink to the outer/top socket of the eyes too. The eye makeup is clearer in the second photo. 

The three fab bridesmaids (complete with straws in their champagne so as not to smudge their lipstick!)

Gemma’s gorgeous mum Pauline who made me so welcome in her home and looked like one of Gemma’s sisters, not her mum!

Sometimes my job is made just that little bit easier by mother nature!

A few weeks ago or so I had the pleasure of doing Ruth’s bridal makeup along with her equally three beautiful sisters. All four of these girls, who I might add are just lovely, lovely people, had the most amazing blue eyes, blonde hair and fantastic skin all of which made my job of adding a bit of makeup very easy and very enjoyable. Their blue dresses couldn’t have been a better match to compliment the whole look. They also had a single blue hydrangea in their bouquets, just perfect.

A few minutes before the top photo was taken the girls were helping Ruth with her veil and I quickly took this photo while waiting to do final lipstick touches

The lesson in this photo is “just leave to the eldest sister, she’ll know what to do!”

Three stunning sisters 

What a beautiful wedding and one of my last of the summer season