Grace was recently in the studio for some portfolio photos. It is always a pleasure doing make-up for a face so beautiful and a girl who looks so fantastic in a photo. Grace, as well as being beautiful, highly intelligent (a First Class Honours Degree this year!) is also very thoughtful and brought us a huge box of my favourite ever chocolates – Lindt and a huge jar of coffee – the perfect gift for me!  (I’m very proud the chocolates are still at the top of my cupboard as I’m on a big diet and they are definitely not on my list of what I’m allowed to eat! :( )

Grace with her foundation, cream products and powder  on and some brow filling etc done


After with the eyes completed, contoured and lips finished …….

 I wanted to really wing the eyeliner out strongly so used MAC’s Blacktrack in black and then created a very strong defining line into the socket line with MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown using a MAC pencil brush (239). Grace’s eyes are so blue the black against the eye is further defined. I really defined the brows to bringing them out as far as the liner. I added false lashes to complete the strong look for the eyes.



Grace’s eyes have not been photoshopped and are this blue in reality! Lipstick is “Up the Amp” by MAC



Two new dates for July, the very popular “Eyes & Brows” Make-up Masterclass 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE MONDAYS!!! I know this is such a stupid and sickening thing for a lot of you to hear but if you’ll bear with me a minute while I explain. Up until the start of this year I used to work every day Monday to Saturday (with the odd late night too), just having Sundays off. This year my husband and I took the massive decision, and it was a big decision as we are based in a retail space in the Linen Green where the majority of shops do open on a Monday, to take Mondays off. We don’t employ staff so it was beginning to feel like work was just taking over our lives.

So being off on Mondays now is just the best thing we ever did as Sundays are brilliant days too knowing we’re not trying to jam pack everything into the one day. I don’t do anything special on Mondays and this is what I did this Monday. First of all I got up and made boiled eggs as my husband was going to play nine holes of golf (on “normal” days he doesn’t eat breakfast and I usually just have cereal). I then took my two dogs out for a walk around The Argory. I came home, made lunch and then went to Moira to visit my mum and dad who were going to Tenerife the next day. I stayed an hour or so and then decided to stop in Rushmere Shopping Centre on the way back. After having a quick look round some of the shops I had a Flat White and a Black Forest square bun in Starbucks while I considered what to buy. These are my purchases which Im really pleased with :)

In Debenhams I bought a new Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which I think is brilliant. It’s definitely my favourite eye primer so far. At Urban Decay I also bought an “All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray”. I know my make-up applications always lasted with loose powder but I do think this spray just adds that little bit of extra staying power. Urban Decay have changed the packing and size of this but the sales assistance assured me it is exactly the same product. In Superdrug I bought a Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette, a Bourjois Bronzing Powder, a Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick in the colour “Bad Girl Bronze” and two Barry M Nail Varnishes, “Cappucino” and “Fushia”.

Here’s a closer look at the Sleek palette known as “Face Form” in the colour “Light” at £9.99. I used this this morning and just love it. The contour colour is exactly right for me (med olive skin) and the highlighter is such a great highlight colour, not too gold, more a shell pink highlight without being too shimmery. The blush is also fab. I have the Sleek powder blush in the colour “Rose Gold”, which is supposed to be a dupe for NARS “Orgasm” but I’m still not totally convinced about the “Rose Gold” as I find it a bit too gold shimmery on my cheek. The one in this palette (and it doesn’t seem to say what colour it is separately) is perfect for me.

My two new nail varnishes, 2 for £6. The brown nude colour of “Cappucino” is so on trend for this season and I always love pink nail varnishes, so girly and summery.

A close up of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in “Bad Girl Bronze”. These are waterproof and shouldn’t crease but I haven’t tested it yet. I think I’d use it more around the lash line rather than on the whole lid although they’d be a good quick eye make-up if you were in a hurry. Just remember to blend the edges. They’d also be great for a strong smokey eye with eyeshadow on top to really intensify the colour and make it longer lasting. I’m not sure how they’ll last as few people have a sharpener thick enough to sharpen these, they are quite chubby.


I was also looking for a nice new statement necklace and when I was walking through Topshop I spotted this scarf. I think I’m a bit obsessed with buying scarves but couldn’t resist this one. I love the colours, the size of it, just everything about it. It looks brilliant with my black leather jacket.£18

I couldn’t really see a necklace chunky enough or in a colour I really loved but I went back to H&M and bought this coral and black one (£7.99) and also this black lace t-shirt (£7.99).i think they have these lace Tshirts in cream (which I’m going to get), an olive green and maybe coral too.

So that was my Monday, a nice relaxing, mooching about day. I also had a chat with my friend and Miss Dior (I call her), real name Hollie, who works on the Dior counter in Debenhams in Rushmere. She’s a model too and is super Dior and model like, you’ll know her when you see her. We’re hoping to do a photo shoot soon with Hollie and you’ll see how gorgeous she is. That’s a blog maybe in a month or so!