I had two of my Eyes & Brows Makeup Masterclasses in November, back to back on a Tuesday and Wednesday night. On the first night I took some photos before everyone arrived and someone close to me cheekily commented that it looked like nobody turned up! So for the second evening I got some photos taken. Hopefully they’ll give you a better idea of how it all works. Louise was my model for the second evening and did a great job as an eye and brow model. Aoife McShane was my model on the Tuesday night and was an even better eye model but unfortunately I don’t have any photos of her :(  If you would like to come to the next masterclass keep an eye out here where i’ll be advertising the dates for the new year.


Four sisters who came together

Hiding the wine lol! :)




Louise my beautiful eye and brow makeup model with two different smokey eyes (and two different brows), both created using different techniques


 Two friends who came together






 Myself and Edel who came all by herself :)

At the end of the evening I finished Louise’s smokey eye with some bronze glitter to add sparkle for the festive season :)


Yesterday, the gorgeous Aoife came into the studio for a full model portfolio photoshoot. The first look of a full model portfolio photoshoot  involves doing a very natural look set of photos ie. white vest and jeans, girl next door look so very minimal, barely there makeup. Within a model portfolio there should also be photos that are a bit more fashion based too so I changed Aoife’s makeup to a stronger look and also for a few photos at the end did a more graphic smokey eye with a nude lip.  The makeup for a model portfolio photoshoot should also translate well into black & white photos so the contouring should be good with good definition on the eyes etc. Here’s the four looks (taken on my phone) the first with no makeup at all just as Aoife arrived, then minimal makeup look and then the two more fashion makeup looks. I’ll let you decide which you prefer the best!.


One of the proper professional photos on a big fancy camera with lots of big lighting stands and buttons etc :) Just beautiful. This photo is the third makeup look in my wee montage above. Photography by Nigel Fleming Photography


Sometimes it’s great to have a bit of free time and do something a little bit different…



Photography by Nigel Fleming Photography

How Ernesta looks without any make-up, naturally beautiful and cheekbones to die for! 

Grace was recently in the studio for some portfolio photos. It is always a pleasure doing make-up for a face so beautiful and a girl who looks so fantastic in a photo. Grace, as well as being beautiful, highly intelligent (a First Class Honours Degree this year!) is also very thoughtful and brought us a huge box of my favourite ever chocolates – Lindt and a huge jar of coffee – the perfect gift for me!  (I’m very proud the chocolates are still at the top of my cupboard as I’m on a big diet and they are definitely not on my list of what I’m allowed to eat! :( )

Grace with her foundation, cream products and powder  on and some brow filling etc done


After with the eyes completed, contoured and lips finished …….

 I wanted to really wing the eyeliner out strongly so used MAC’s Blacktrack in black and then created a very strong defining line into the socket line with MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown using a MAC pencil brush (239). Grace’s eyes are so blue the black against the eye is further defined. I really defined the brows to bringing them out as far as the liner. I added false lashes to complete the strong look for the eyes.



Grace’s eyes have not been photoshopped and are this blue in reality! Lipstick is “Up the Amp” by MAC