I had two of my Eyes & Brows Makeup Masterclasses in November, back to back on a Tuesday and Wednesday night. On the first night I took some photos before everyone arrived and someone close to me cheekily commented that it looked like nobody turned up! So for the second evening I got some photos taken. Hopefully they’ll give you a better idea of how it all works. Louise was my model for the second evening and did a great job as an eye and brow model. Aoife McShane was my model on the Tuesday night and was an even better eye model but unfortunately I don’t have any photos of her :(  If you would like to come to the next masterclass keep an eye out here where i’ll be advertising the dates for the new year.


Four sisters who came together

Hiding the wine lol! :)




Louise my beautiful eye and brow makeup model with two different smokey eyes (and two different brows), both created using different techniques


 Two friends who came together






 Myself and Edel who came all by herself :)

At the end of the evening I finished Louise’s smokey eye with some bronze glitter to add sparkle for the festive season :)


I have been very busy over the last few weeks with weddings, make-ups and photo shoots and so have been a bit slack in keeping my “Saturday Slap Shots” blog up to date. So I have done a big amalgamation of a couple of weeks and posted all my gorgeous ladies in a gallery. You can click on the thumbnail to make the photo bigger. I don’t have a photo of every make-up I’ve done over the last few weeks so apologies if I didn’t get a photo and a huge thank you to all the ladies who let me take their photo for my blog :)  

This week was a mixture of special occasion make-up, bridal trials (lots of weddings coming up in the next few months), a couple of eye make-ups only and a “Lashes and Flashes” makeover (photos of this to follow separately).

Lipstick and rollers :) …….

Joey was going to a wedding and was in really early for her make-up. We joked that she has to come early to land the helicopter in the carpark…..wishful thinking on both our behalf’s! We kept Joey’s eyes quite neutral in soft golds and creams to match in with her dress but still defined them as she has amazing eyes, soooo blue :) and added colour with her lipstick, “Vegas Volt” by MAC, a great coral colour for this time of the year. I used a bit of MAC Face and Body on Joey’s neck and face which is good for evening out the skin. I would love to see Joey “finished” some day i.e. hair done, make-up done, dress and all on! I mostly just have to imagine all my make-up ladies in their fullest finery! It’s like doing wedding make-up, I always feel a bit flat after I leave the bride’s house, you see everyone transform from dressing gowns, no hair done, no make-up done, sitting having their fry at the table all normal stuff and then suddenly, bam and there’s a house full of pure glamour, perfume, beautiful flowers, anticipation and excitement for the the big day ahead and I have to go home…so it’s great to even see some photos of the main event if you know what I mean.

Fair skin is so beautiful.……

Sara Jane was also going to a wedding. She never really wears make-up but as she was going to a wedding obviously wanted to look a bit more glamorous than everyday. Her dress was purple so I did a soft pink and purple smoke on her eye with “Pink Swoon” powder blush by MAC and “Please Me” lipstick also by MAC with gloss. I love doing porcelain skin like Sara Jane’s, just gorgeous.

Yummy Mummy …(is that still the cool terminology?!)

Clare has two children, I know not one, but two children! How young and amazing does she look..well she was going out for a meal with her husband and to an engagement party and decided to treat herself to hair and make-up. She wanted dark smokey eyes with a bit of glitter, and the brief was as dark as possible! So I did a chocolate brown/black smoke with lots of black gel eyeliner and then added a touch of Gemma Kidd glitter at the very end after the lashes.

Key to the Door, Legal age in America to buy alcohol……Happy 21st Birthday Niamh!

(I’m not 100% sure about the alcohol age limit in America to be honest, just know i’m well over the age of every limit!). It was Niamh’s 21st birthday at the weekend and on Saturday she was having a country and western themed party at home for family and friends. Having gotten to know Niamh, her sisters and her mum over the last year and a half or so and having been to their house a couple of times, I’d say it was going to be one good party! Niamh’s “cowgirl” outfit included a pink checked shirt so we decided to do her eyes a strong pink smokey look and added lashes to finish Niamh’s eyes. The lipstick is “Lustering” by MAC which is by far my favourite colour at the minute glossed up with Bourjois 3D pink lipgloss….yeh ha, ready to turn the key in the door, go to America and get drunk and like me the age we are the most after you have too many birthdays :)

Make-up makes our faces smile and faces smile back at us!

This week I have a lot of Saturday Slap Shots to blog as I’ve had a really busy week  so I might not be able to remember all of the make-up details but I’ll try my best and put down most of what I can remember! Here goes…..

I’ve included a couple of ladies from a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t got the photos edited for and I also had a few bridal trials which I can’t blog, for obvious reasons :)

First up – Pippa Middleton!!!.. aka the gorgeous Aimee who was going to a wedding. Her eyeshadow, which isn’t clear  in the photo, was MAC “Red Brick” which is a great orange colour which I toned down to a more coral/pink colour to match Aimee’s bag and shoes for the wedding.

The lovely Caroline,who is my friend, Susan’s mum, who had her make-up done week or two ago. Caroline’s son Graeme got married last Friday and the wedding photos look amazing, such a beautiful wedding in an amazing setting with a really great family.

Cathy, who has been travelling for the last year, came back from Australia to surprise her friend who was getting married.  What a lovely thing to do :) Her eyeshadow was also MAC “Red Brick” and I used Rimmel “Latino” on Cathy’s lips. In the water line I used a Laura Mercier cream pencil which is great for opening the eye and just taking away that touch of pink that most of us have in our skin around the eye. Flawless.


Stephanie was going to the evening do in Parkanaur of the wedding Cathy was going to (the small world that we live in!). Her lips are MAC “Lady Danger” with a green eyeshadow by Revlon. Stephanie’s own lipstick was gorgeous when she came in which I’ve since ordered, can’t wait to get it – MAC “Vegas Volt” (a bright coral colour, great for summer). Beautiful features for make-up.

Dolores was in really early on the Saturday morning as she was going to a wedding in Donegal. I used MAC “Woodwinked” eyeshadow with MAC “Espresso” (matte brown) in the socket and a little bit under the bottom lash line. The “bling” along the top lash line is an Urban Decay glitter and Dolores just wouldn’t be complete without some bling somewhere! It just suits her bubbly personality :) On a side note, Dolores was in with me almost a year to the day ago, as we watched the royal wedding online during her make-up application last year. 

Rosemary was going to a wedding on Saturday and her dress was green and she was wearing an orange fascinator. Again I used MAC “Red Brick” eyeshadow, smoked with MAC “Espresso” (chocolate brown matte) into the socket and under the bottom lash line. I added a set of Eylure “Demi Wispies” lashes to finish the look – beautiful.

Louise was going t0 a wedding and her dress was a mix of peacock blue and green strong colours. I saw the photo of Louise in her dress at the wedding after and she just looked amazing. On Louise’s lips I used MAC “Up the Amp” and MAC “Dollymix” powder blush on her cheeks.


Roisin was going to a wedding in one of my favourite places, Manor House, Enniskillen. Her dress was a deep purple so I used MAC “Fig.1″ a gorgeous purple eyeshadow (such an uninteresting name for an eyeshadow!) on her lids with MAC “Carbon” (matte black) smoked into the socket and under the bottom lash line. I also added a black gel liner (Avon Supershock) in the waterline. Purple really compliments green eyes and Roisin looked fantastic with her hair all done ready just to put her dress on

Orla was going on a hen party on the Saturday night and was going to be wearing pink/purple hence the purple eyes which clash totally with her coat in this photo. Orla has amazing big blue eyes and I lined them with MAC “Blacktrack” gel eyeliner with Avon Supershock gel liner in black in the bottom waterline.  

Niamh was going to a wedding on Saturday with her twin sisters pictured below (Meghan and Eimear). I did Niamh’s eyes a purple smoke which is brilliant with green eyes as the contrast really brings out the eyes. I lined Niamh’s eyes with black gel liner and finished with false lashes to really add drama and definition. Gorgeous! And such a great photo of Niamh (you can tell Nigel took this one!).


Meghan, I think, almost knows more about make-up than I do so it’s always a pleasure doing her make-up, if not a little scary if you know what I mean! She usually has a fair idea of what she’d like and as soon as she saw my MAC “Red Brick” bright orange eyeshadow she knew that’s what she wanted :) The colour matched the colour in her hugely fantastic fascinator perfectly. Meghan also brought eyelashes which I’d never seen before and absolutely now adore  - Eylure 202s. They are almost double eyelashes but really natural. I used MAC “Up the Amp” lipstick also to tie in with Meghan’s outfit for the wedding. Gorgeous.

A close up of MAC “Red Brick” eyeshadow which I love and use quite a lot.

Eimear was wearing a black dress so we decided to go for a dark grey smokey eye and pink lips this time. I’ve done Eimear’s make-up quite a few times recently and we’ve done a red lip so we thought pink would be a nice change. I also used MAC “Dollymix” powder blush which is not visible in this photo the way the light’s hitting Eimear’s cheeks but it’s a good strong pink and really pretty. Eimear loves her make-up and make-up loves her (excuse the cliche) but she really does suit having make-up and looks gorgeous.

On Saturday afternoon, I also did make-up for a model portfolio photo shoot. I kept did a natural look and then added a red lip to change the look. The false lashes are individual ones which and the red lipstick was MAC “Russian Red”

One of my  favourite products now is NARS “Laguna” bronzer which I use to contour, really love this product and use it on most of my make-ups. It’s a bit like my iPhone though at the minute (which cost me £100 recently to get the screen fixed!), I’m so afraid to drop and smash it so it gets treated extremely lovingly. 

Hope you enjoyed my bit of make-up sharing. We all look a lot better even with just a a little bit :)

This week, and last, I have been really busy with make-up lessons :) I’m not sure why, but I’ve had a real run of lovely ladies wanting to learn how to perfect their own make-up and use all of the copious amounts of products they’ve amassed over time and don’t use or don’t know how to use. We’re probably all the same, we get sucked in by the latest wonder make-up product on the market or a Christmas special offer and end up with so much make-up but seem to continually use the same products over and over in our own wee comfort zone. So a make-up lesson really is a great way to unveil the mystery, as they say, and learn what to do with what we have and how to look and feel more confident, whether it’s everyday make-up or something more dramatic at night. Contact me for more information if you’re interested.

The result of doing all of these make-up lessons (and a fair few bridal trials too!) is that I don’t have very many Saturday Slap Shots but here are the gorgeous girls that I did do occasional make-up for for all of their different events and occasions…






Diane (who’s wedding I did last year, she was going to a wedding as a guest this day :) )