When I book an appointment with someone, whether it be over the phone, by text message, email, facebook etc., I just never know who is going to walk into my studio to have their make-up done. And that’s part of the appeal of my job and why I never, ever get bored. Because every face is totally different and individual. Whether it’s a 14 year old face with not one line or wrinkle with maybe the odd spot, a small delicate face to a big happy face, a face with dry skin to oily skin, a face with big blue eyes, brown eyes, gorgeous green eyes, small eyes, round eyes, oval eyes, sensitive eyes, a face with full lips,  or thin lips, a face with amazing cheekbones or a brilliant jaw line, precision shaped brows….. the list just goes on and on and that’s what makes my job so interesting, every face is totally different and every lady I have in my make-up chair has a different place to go, a different dress to co-ordinate with and most certainly everyone of these ladies has a different personality and character.

So when I booked a make-up lesson for a Rosemary at 3pm on a Thursday I had no idea about the lady I was about to meet :)  

Meet Nanny B! (aka Rosemary). 


As I went to greet Rosemary she almost apologised and said I was probably expecting “some young thing” but that she was the one who was in for the make-up lesson. This 74 year old lady’s grandchildren bought her a gift voucher for a make-up lesson. This wasn’t an unthought out present as Rosemary advised me she’d worked on a make-up counter most of her working life and just loves make-up. It really was a pleasure doing Rosemary’s make-up and advising her on products and colours to enhance her good features, add glow and help disguise the things she isn’t quite happy with as she gets older. Rosemary was a joy to do a make-up lesson with and proves we’re never to old to learn and to see how a little bit of make-up can go a long way to making us look and feel younger, fresher and more confident.  I just had to take her photo before she left, eyes and skin sparkling, just gorgeous. She totally made my day! :)  

Two new dates for July, the very popular “Eyes & Brows” Make-up Masterclass 


My make-up business has had a makeover :) I now have a much bigger, brighter make-up studio with not one, but four fully dedicated make-up stations, a larger reception area and a fantastic “mini me” called Melissa (although she’s a younger, thinner, more glamorous version)!

I’ve been very lucky over the past few years since becoming a professional make-up artist that my business has gone from strength to strength through my great location in the Linen Green, my dedicated customer service and of course brilliant make-up application ;)

My services include special occasion make-up, bridal make-up, individual make-up lessons and also our “Lashes & Flashes” Makeover Photo Experience. As well as this the “Eyes & Brows” Make-up Masterclasses which I run a couple of times a month are also very popular. Melissa, a qualified beautician with a special interest in make-up, now works with me on Saturdays. I have, over the last few months, fully trained Melissa to do make-up exactly as I was trained. It means that if I am fully booked on a Saturday, rather than not getting your make-up done you now have the option of Melissa being available. We can now also offer make-up for larger groups of ladies for example, hen parties and the “Lashes & Flashes” makeovers and model portfolios.


Melissa doing a great job

My beautiful, bigger and brighter make-up studio

More room for more lovely ladies

The front reception area

The make-up and all important brushes

So please come and visit, we will do our very best to make you look and feel amazing!

Catherine xo