This is a very quick blog as a friend of mine, who is also a make-up artist, text me last night to ask me what was the lipstick I use all the time! So here it is  – “Latino” by Rimmel.

The reason I love this lipstick so much is the colour , as it really does suit everybody. It’s a gorgeous corally pink and has a creamsheen texture. So if you want to buy a great lipstick for your make-up bag get this one.






I know it’s that time of year when I shouldn’t be spending money on anything other than necessities (i.e. anything from Tescos and that means food and toilet roll only) but I had a day yesterday when I was a bit bored and got carried away with a bit of online make-up shopping. Some may say this could be classed as a necessity in life, with which I have quite convinced myself of and do so on an ongoing basis….:)

I have become an avid follower of the Pixiwoo sisters and LOVE their blog ( their YouTube videos.


The problem with constantly watching make-up videos is that you suddenly want all of the products they use and recommend. They are both very keen MAC (make-up) users and have as far as I’ve seen been a big fan of MAC’s make-up brushes (the 217 eyeshadow blending brush being one of theirs and mine’s favourite). So when Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) teamed up with Real Techniques “to bring women high-tech tools that deliver high-definition results” I knew these brushes should be good and felt I should purchase a few just to see for myself.


I decided to go for the travel essentials set which includes 3 full-size brushes + case (I’m not really worried about having the case). There is an essential foundation brush, multi-task brush for application of powder, blush, and bronzer and domed shadow brush with tapered design which smoothly shades and defines eyes. I received them this morning and although haven’t had a good chance to use them properly yet, I really love the look of them. The foundation brush is a bit smaller than my normal MAC one but will be good for getting into the “creases” etc. The multi-task brush is just the nicest softest brush I have ever felt, just beautiful and the shadow brush is a great buy too. Overall I didn’t really need more brushes but I’m already glad I have them in my kit, and I’d say if any of you are looking for some good makeup brushes you can’t go far wrong with some of these. And they are delivered the very next day which is the best bit if you’re like me and hate waiting for deliveries.



A very quick blog entry and photo of makeup I did today for Bobbi-lee who is currently building her modelling portfolio. For the photos we went out on location to the Brantry Lough, what a great autumn location. Bobbi-lee could just be the next top model ….she’s definitely got something. More photos and make-up info to follow.


This week has been one of the busiest make-up weeks in a long while with two full day photo shoots and lots of other lovely make-up clients inbetween. My false lash supply is at an all time low!

I have included just some of the “make-up’ers” and apologies to the ladies who aren’t included, due to various reasons, the main one this week being there seemed to be quite a lot of girls  with their rollers in, so naturally not the best time to have your photo taken! Brave Anita agreed as she was going out the door and she really is a fine example of how to rock the roller :) (I really like that term “Rockin the Roller”, I think I should patent it…..!)

This was Anita getting ready for Saturday night out. She was also at a friend’s wedding during the week (which she also sang at) and we were doing her make-up at 7.30am in the morning, hence no photo that morning!


Donna is a hairdresser and had her make-up done for going to a wedding. I always think it’s very brave to go for a red lip but I really do love it and it is just so glamorous – Donna really suits this look due to her colouring. The red lipstick is my new favourite Kate Moss collection for Rimmer. Beautiful. Incidentally Donna and I will be doing hair and make-up together at the beautiful Eimear’s wedding at the start of Decemeber. Really looking forward to it.

 Louise did not want her photo at all, I’ve no idea why as she looks gorgeous. Her and her mum Mary (below) were going to a wedding in the Culloden.  It was the first time I’d done Mary’s make-up and she was just lovely. 


Mary’s eye make-up is difficult to see in this photo but she was telling me her outfit had a bit of burnt orange in it and as Mary has such blue eyes, I added a touch of burnt orange eyeshadow on her lid which really contrasted with her eye colour and would come out even more when she had her outfit on.

The next two photos are of Janice and Shirley-Anne who are sisters. I regularly do Rhonda, their other sister’s make-up and poor Rhonda didn’t have time to have her make-up done this time as she was working. It was Shirley-Anne’s 40th birthday party on Friday night and Janice was having her make-up done and so it was only right Shirley-Anne had her’s done too. Janice told me her make-up had to be dishwasher proof (a first!) as she would probably be spending most of the night at the sink (Shirley-Anne was having around 70 people to her house!) I don’t even know 70 people! Two lovely sisters.








Back from Majorca, we loved it :) , I would recommend Puerto Pollenca to anyone, great beach, restaurants, marina etc. The only thing I love about being back home  is my bed, it feels like a big fluffy marshmallow after a rock hard hotel bed! And I loved seeing my two dogs <3

Today we did a photoshoot for the gorgeous Gemma (she was in this year’s Miss N.Ireland). Great doing her make-up as she has such great features, skin, eyes, eyebrows and lips. Here is a quick one from today, more to come……